What are you feeding your SKIN MICROBIOME?

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When I started studying the microbiome years ago, the information about it’s effect on our health was minimal.

Yet in the past few years, science has turned to the microbiome to help us better understand the immune system, hormones and the brain. Some of the key health concepts we have learned by the recent studies of the microbiome are:

90% of the neurotransmitter Serotonin is produced there
It controls 80% of the immune system
An imbalance in the microbiome can trigger your obesity gene

As more people have become aware of the power of the microbiome, many people are reaching for probiotics to solve their health problems. But researchers are now identifying that changing your microbiome is not as simple as popping a probiotic everyday.

Our microbiomes are more complex than that. In fact, it is now estimated that the human body is 90% microbiota tissue and 10% tissue.

There appears to be a different microbiome around each of our organs AND outside of the gut the second largest microbiome is on the skin.

So what does this all mean to you and your health?

The key to getting healthy is taking care of your microbiome both inside and out.

What can you do to start to take care of the microbiome of your skin?

1.Stop putting toxins on your skin

When you go to put a lotion or soap on your skin, ask yourself “Would I eat this?” If you read the ingredients and the answer is no, then don’t use that product.

Many natural beauty product lines claim they are so pure you can eat them. That’s a great sign! Be sure you are rating all your beauty products on the Think Dirty App and only using products that rate a 1 or 2.

And be sure to stop using all anti-bacterial soaps. We now know that these harmful chemicals will seep into your bloodstream and damage your gut microbiome.

2.Feed your skin good bacteria

Once you stop damaging your skin microbiome, now you need to add good bacteria onto your skin.

There are many new probiotic lotions emerging in the marketplace, but tests have discovered that by the time the bottle gets to you all the good bacteria have died.

But I recently found one lotion that has been tested, and contains an impressive amount of good bacteria specifically designed specifically for the skin.

It’s called Skin Colonizer and it’s put out by Systemic Formulas.

I did a Facebook Live on the product. See video below. We will be carrying it in our office, so if you have questions or want to order some, please reach out.

Stay tuned.

The skin microbiome is a whole new level of understanding for many doctors. But nourishing your microbiome from the inside out AND the outside in could be the answer to many health problems.

Reach out if you have any questions.

Have an awesome day!

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