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Good Fat versus Bad Fat

2020-09-28T13:03:18+00:00Health, Nutrition|

Let’s talk about “good” fats versus “bad” fats for a moment. Generally, on a ketogenic diet, 60-70% of your food should be coming from fat. But not just any fat. Good fats. Yes, this means not all fats are created equal! There are several types of “bad” fats that you should definitely steer clear of.  Most people starting the ketogenic diet initially fail to differentiate between good fats and bad fats. This is commonly referred to as “dirty keto”, which allows bad fats like processed and fast foods. A dirty keto diet not only lacks essential nutrients but can actually do more harm than good because of the inflammatory effects of eating bad fats. Watch this to find out

A Beginners Guide to Fasting: Everything You Need to Know About Fasting

2022-06-02T15:01:25+00:00Fasting Techniques, Health, Nutrition|

Fasting refers to the deliberate abstention from food and/or fluids for a period of time, for therapeutic purposes. Many people don’t know that fasting has been used for thousands of years in various religious and spiritual practices throughout human history, and in a sense, fasting is part of everyday life. The term ‘breakfast’ is the meal that breaks the fast, which is done daily.The recent increase in scientific research around fasting has allowed us to understand just how fasting positively affects our physiology, cells, aging, disease and overall health. What has been incredible for me to watch in my own clinic and coaching is how many people, regardless of symptoms or condition, have benefited from this completely free and simple

Fasting: Do You Need a Feast Day?

2020-07-24T14:44:25+00:00Fasting Techniques, Nutrition|

The biggest mistake I see people make when they implement the ketogenic diet or fasting protocols is that they forget that their body needs a feast day. Stop and think about it for a moment. Were we meant to eat the same food all the time, day after day? If you think back to the lives of cavemen, we know that in the winter they didn’t have access to fresh food so their bodies were designed to survive in lean times (read: our ability to access stored body fat). By contrast, during spring and summer, when nature provided more bountiful food, the body adapted by feasting on fruits, veggies, tubers and the animals that were no longer hibernating. Everything in […]

4 Ways to Use Autophagy Fasting to Slow Down Aging

2020-05-22T14:25:17+00:00Fasting Techniques, Nutrition|

Autophagy fasting? What’s that? Well, for starters, have you noticed that everyone around you is fasting? Curious what the craze is about and why so many people are giving up food? The credit for much of the excitement needs to be given to one man: Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi. In 2016, Dr. Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for discovering a self- repair mechanism in our body called autophagy. It turns out that when you put your body into a starvation state, the cells go looking for food… and they find that food by feasting on the toxins that are already inside the cell! It’s an incredible self-detoxification process that our bodies are naturally born with. So how […]

Keto for Women: 5 Things That Can Derail the Keto Diet for Women

2020-06-30T12:53:12+00:00Gut Imbalances, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

I have news for you: women need to do the ketogenic diet differently than men. If you’re a woman who’s eating low carb, high (good) fat meals and fasting for extended periods, you’re practicing some great strategies to temporarily lose weight, create endless energy, and give you ridiculous mental clarity. But these same practices are harming one crucial piece of your health: your hormones. Now, before I confuse you, let me explain myself. Those of you who know the keto diet well know that it can make a tremendous difference with the hormone insulin. And there is no better way to get yourself out of insulin resistance than fasting mixed with the keto diet. But you have two other key […]

MY WEIGHT LOSS TIPS – How to lose weight in 2018

2018-07-29T09:12:13+00:00Detoxing, Fasting Techniques, Gut Imbalances, Heavy Metal Detoxing, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

In case you haven’t noticed there is a war going on. It’s not a war like we see on TV or read about in the newspaper. It’s a war to stay healthy in an extremely toxic world. I am in the trenches with people everyday helping them win this war. I have heard story after story of people who were healthy one day and in a matter of weeks their health slipped away. Chronic fatigue, memory problems, sudden weight gain, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems…you name it, I’ve seen it. And unfortunately medication is the only solution that most of you are given to win this battle. I want to […]

Which kombucha is the perfect fit for your gut microbiome?

2019-11-26T16:48:43+00:00Gut Imbalances, Health, Nutrition|

Years ago, I had a running partner who was obsessed with kombucha. She swore by it and said it was the only thing that helped ensure that she had daily bowel movements. I can still remember trying it for the first time and thinking, “This is disgusting!” I wondered how my friend could stomach such a pungent drink. Then, one day after a long run, this same friend pulled a bottle of kombucha out of her fridge and something funny happened: I felt a strange craving to drink it. It was like a calling or a signal coming from within, telling me that my body needed it. And, for whatever reason, when I drank it that day, I loved it. […]

10 Psychobiotics You Need For A Happy Brain


Psychobiotics? What are psychobiotics?? Well, what if I told you your happiness has very little to do with the circumstances going on in your life and whole lot to do with your gut bacteria? This’s exactly what science is proving to us. It turns out there are very specific strains of bacteria that live in our gut that produce neurotransmitters that control how our brains function. These bacteria have been dubbed psychobiotics. And anything that destroys your gut will destroy these critical happiness bugs. What the Microbiome Project taught us Before I go into which bacteria give you this burst of happiness, I want to get you up to speed with what’s been going on in the world of microbiome […]

Reset Your Hormones With These Foods and Herbs

2018-05-25T11:23:39+00:00Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

Keeping your hormones balanced can have a profound effect on your physical and emotional health. While estrogen gets a lot of focus for most women, today I want to tell you about how balancing your progesterone levels can have a dramatic effect on your hormonal health. No matter what time of life you are in, progesterone is a key hormone you need for your brain and body to function well. Progesterone is your anti-anxiety hormone. Without proper amounts of progesterone, you may find yourself with these symptoms: Trouble sleeping Irritable Overwhelmed Quick to react to stress Irregular cycles When you turn 30, your body starts making less and less progesterone. Worse yet, if you are living a high-stress life and […]


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