Breaking The Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma – With Dr. Mariel Buqué

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“Gratitude Can Be Extended Generationally” This episode is all about the power of intergenerational traumas on our present-day health. Dr. Mariel Buqué is a Columbia University-trained licensed psychologist, holistic mental health expert, and sound bath meditation healer. Her work centers on helping people heal their whole selves through holistic mental wellness practices and on healing wounds of intergenerational trauma. Dr. Buqué also focuses on delivering healing lessons and workshops, as she believes in both the liberation of our minds and of society as necessary qualities of our overall wellness. In this podcast, Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma, we cover: About intergenerational trauma and the healing process Tips for disrupting trauma patterns through compassion How to incorporate

Breaking Through Your Mental Barriers When Fasting – With Jessica Ortner

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“You Can't Hate Yourself Thin” This episode is all about EFT Tapping to break through your mental barriers and improve your fasts. Jessica Ortner is a stress-reduction expert and one of the leading voices teaching EFT Tapping. She is a New York Times best-selling author of The Tapping Solution of Weight Loss and Body Confidence and The Tapping Solution to Create lasting Change. In this podcast, Breaking Through Your Mental Barriers When Fasting, we cover: How acupressure points can relieve stress and reduce cortisol All about tapping to reduce physical and mental stress Why you should try tapping before you meditate The reasons why fasting needs to come from a place of love How to use tapping when

Why Our Health Depends on Human Connection – With Megan Reilly

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“I Send Out 365 Cards A Year” This episode is all about how family connections can help you live an incredible and healthy life. Megan Reilly is the COO and Co-Owner Tippi Toes®, an international franchisor of children’s dance. For more than a decade, Megan has helped franchise owners build and grow their own businesses around the world. A 2012 Shark Tank Alum, Megan and her business partner were awarded a deal by Mark Cuban yet decided to grow their business on their own and have since reached 35 franchises as well as written and published children’s music that’s hit the Billboard Charts and reached number 1 on iTunes. Megan is the creator and host of the

The Power of Psychedelics in Overcoming Trauma – With Chase Chewning

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“Thank You For Today, and I Ask For The Gift of Tomorrow” This episode is all about how we can use some really unique tools, like psychedelics, to overcome mental health challenges. A Virginia native and Army veteran, Chase is a Virginia Commonwealth University alum, graduating from their Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science undergraduate program in 2013. Having completed his MS in Health Promotion from American University in Washington, DC he also holds the following credentials: ACE Certified Health Coach and TRX Certified Suspension Trainer. Living a life of wellness has always been a part of him - since growing up eating fresh food from his grandparents' garden, played baseball throughout school, and enjoying time in

The 5 Habit Myths Around Health – With Dr. Heather McKee

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“I'm Grateful For My Past Self” This episode is all about kick-starting your habits to make healthy choices.  Dr. Heather McKee is the UK’s leading lifestyle behavior change specialist. Having studied health behavior change psychology for ten years, her mission is to offer a sustainable, evidence-based alternative to an industry saturated with quick fixes and health fads.  She supports businesses in designing and evaluating digital and in-person wellness programs for long term adherence and positive health outcomes. And runs the Bite-Sized Healthy Habits course for individuals looking to create lasting habit change, you can kickstart your own healthy habits by joining her free 5-day Bite Sized Habits challenge here Dr. McKee’s research has been published internationally

What Women Need To Know About Metabolic Flexibility – With Cynthia Thurlow

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“Gratitude Doesn't Have To Be Grandiose" This episode is all about weight gain, the nuance of autophagy, and fasting as a tool to heal your body and brain. Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, CEO, and founder of the Everyday Wellness Project, and international speaker, with over 10 million views for her second TEDx talk (Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique). With over 20 years of experience in health and wellness, Cynthia is a globally recognized expert in intermittent fasting and nutritional health and has been featured on ABC, FOX5, KTLA, CW, Medium, Entrepreneur, and The Megyn Kelly Show.  She was listed in Yahoo Finance as one of the “21 Founders Changing the Way We do Business.” Cynthia hosts

Find Your Perfect Balance For A Healthy Life – With Mona Sharma

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“I Express Gratitude For My Body” This episode is all about the power of food, healing with ancient principles, and using mindfulness to find balance on your health journey. Mona Sharma is a dynamic leader and entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry who works with high-profile clients around the world. She also has a reoccurring role on the Facebook series Red Table Talk where they profile her work with Will Smith and the entire Smith family’s healing journey. Mona has seen firsthand the power of food and mindfulness to heal, having grown up living on an Ashram. Her approach is rooted in this philosophy, and also inspires her research into the gut microbiome and its impact

Self-Care is the New Healthcare – With Dr. Erin Connealy

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“Anytime I Need An Answer, I Am In Gratitude" This episode is all about what we can do to make sure that we stay cancer-free using self-care as the new healthcare. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., is a prominent leader in the Integrative and Functional Medical field with over 30 years of experience taking the best of all sciences, including homeopathic and conventional treatments for cancer, chronic illnesses, nutrition, and lifestyle approach. She is the Medical Director of two unique clinics in Irvine, CA: The Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing. The combined clinics have become the largest integrative medical clinic in North America and are visited by patients worldwide, with 65,000 patients and growing.

The Power of Choosing Yourself – With Alex Elle

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“Where Do I Need To Pay More Attention?” This episode is all about journaling as a form of self-expression and therapy. We also dive into what it means to be selfish and self-centered and how that differs from self-care. Alexandra Elle is an author & self-care facilitator living in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband and children. Writing came into her life by way of therapy and the exploration of healing through journaling. Quarterly, Alex teaches workshops and retreats centered around assisting others in finding their voices through storytelling, poetry, and narrative writing rooted in truth without shame. Her mission is to build community & self-care practices through literature & language. She is currently an

Understanding The Human Behavior Behind Achieving Goals – With Dr. John Demartini

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"If You Count Your Blessings, You Have More To Be Grateful For" This episode is all about understanding how we can achieve any goal we want in our life. Plus, we talk about how we can take our health to a whole new level by using the law of attraction principles. Dr. John Demartini is a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert. He has over 4 decades of research across multiple disciplines. His work has been described by students as the "most comprehensive body of work", "an extensive library of wisdom" and "wisdom of the highest and most valuable order." Dr. Demartini's mission and vision are to share knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to become


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