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Post Vacation Depression


I hope you all have enjoyed watching my trip through Italy on instagram. Thank you for all of your comments, I love connecting with my online community, even while I am away! If you are anything like me, getting back into the groove of work and home life can be a struggle. Over the years, I have learned a couple of tricks to integrate quickly and peacefully back into my daily routine. Trick One: Gratitude One of the greatest things to release Oxytocin in your body is through gratitude. Think about it. How amazing was it that you had the opportunity to go on vacation? As you reintegrate back into your life, focus on the incredible experience you just had. […]

The Healing Power of Vacation


Of course everyone loves to go on vacation, but did you know that there is a significant healing benefit of taking time off? So many of you are living over-scheduled, stressful lives. This fast-paced living puts your brain in sympathetic dominance. Once the brain starts operating from sympathetic dominance, it is very difficult to get it to relax. For many of you, you may be noticing that the weekends do not provide enough time to calm your brain. Going on vacation and taking extended time off can dramatically upregulate your parasympathetic nervous system. Your parasympathetic nervous system is your “Rest and Digest” nervous system, and it is greatly under-utilized. A couple of things to think about for those of you […]

Glyphosate, what to do?


Thank you for all of you that have reached out about your concern over glyphosate being so prevalent in our food supplies. In today’s email I really want to give you some concrete ideas on what you can do to protect yourself. Since the interview with Dr. Zach Bush, I have been thinking a lot about the steps that we can all follow to minimize the impact of glyphosate on our bodies. Here are the steps I have come up with: Step One: Eat Organic whenever possible Dr. Bush mentioned in the interview that this is not a 100% guarantee that we are not exposed to glyphosate, but it is a very good first step to minimizing your exposure to […]

What the heck your blood sugar and ketone readings are telling you

2019-02-27T16:59:50+00:00Fasting Techniques, Health, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet|

What the heck your blood sugar & ketone readings are telling you. Let me try and simplify this for you: BLOOD SUGAR – 70-90 mg/dl Your blood sugar tells you how much glucose you have in your blood at that moment. When glucose goes high, insulin goes high. Insulin is your fat storing hormone. When insulin is high it signals the body to store fat, not burn it. The only path to sustained weight loss is to keep insulin low as long as possible. You keep insulin low by keeping your blood sugar low. KETONES- >.5 mm/dl When your blood sugar is low for a period of time, it signals to the liver to burn fat for energy. Once the […]

Fasting: Do You Need a Feast Day?

2020-07-24T14:44:25+00:00Fasting Techniques, Nutrition|

The biggest mistake I see people make when they implement the ketogenic diet or fasting protocols is that they forget that their body needs a feast day. Stop and think about it for a moment. Were we meant to eat the same food all the time, day after day? If you think back to the lives of cavemen, we know that in the winter they didn’t have access to fresh food so their bodies were designed to survive in lean times (read: our ability to access stored body fat). By contrast, during spring and summer, when nature provided more bountiful food, the body adapted by feasting on fruits, veggies, tubers and the animals that were no longer hibernating. Everything in […]

How Menopausal Women Can Optimize Their Hormone Production on the Ketogenic Diet

2020-06-26T16:15:48+00:00Health, Keto for Women|

The ketogenic diet, once an obscure, fringe dietary concept, is now firmly in the zeitgeist. In the past few years, people have been enthusiastically jumping on the keto bandwagon and, unfortunately, the results have been mixed. That said, one demographic that has seen both fantastic gains and crushing disappointments on the ketogenic diet is women in the various stages of menopause. What’s the key to making the ketogenic diet and menopause work well together? Let’s take a look… Menopause can be rough, especially when it comes to regulating your weight. The dreaded weight gain during menopause is, at its core, the result of the changes in a woman’s hormonal system. And the ketogenic diet is quickly getting a bad reputation […]

Can the Fast Mimicking Diet Slow the Aging Process?


Could the Fast Mimicking Diet be the key to regenerating the human body? This is the question that has, to no one’s surprise, sent me straight down the research rabbit hole for the past few weeks. Let me start with a little background on why the Fast Mimicking Diet is so intriguing to me: my goals regarding my own health have changed drastically in the past decade. On my 39th birthday, with the big 4-0 breathing down my neck, I had one goal in mind: be in the best shape I could possibly be. At that time, my metabolism, what the scale said, and how I felt in my skinny jeans could make or break my day. I wasn’t thinking […]

Keto for Women: 5 Things That Can Derail the Keto Diet for Women

2020-06-30T12:53:12+00:00Gut Imbalances, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

I have news for you: women need to do the ketogenic diet differently than men. If you’re a woman who’s eating low carb, high (good) fat meals and fasting for extended periods, you’re practicing some great strategies to temporarily lose weight, create endless energy, and give you ridiculous mental clarity. But these same practices are harming one crucial piece of your health: your hormones. Now, before I confuse you, let me explain myself. Those of you who know the keto diet well know that it can make a tremendous difference with the hormone insulin. And there is no better way to get yourself out of insulin resistance than fasting mixed with the keto diet. But you have two other key […]


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