The Immune System Isn’t an Island


What is your body saying? The immune system isn't an island. It is known to respond to signals from other systems within the body. Mostly, your immune system talks with your nervous and hormone (endocrine) systems. SO if your nervous system is in fight-or-flight, and your stress hormones are sky high, do you think that's going to be good or bad for your immune system? It might seem like more stress would boost your immune response in order to ready your body for a disaster, but the science is showing us that is not the case. Chronic stress LOWERS your immunity. You can't be in a place of fear and gratitude at the same time. Watching the news is

What Weakens the Immune System?


I get it. The world is a little crazy right now and the uncertainty of the future can seem scary. While all of that may be true, right now, the thing I want you to think about is what weakens the immune system. Right now, the worst thing you can do is to SIT on the couch all day, watching the NEWS and eating ICE CREAM. All of these things will weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible. Usually I like to focus on the positives, but it's worth mentioning what NOT to do while we protect ourselves and others via social distancing. If you see yourself here, don't worry! just start taking 1 action a day to

7 Steps to Boost Your Immune System


As the Coronavirus continues to spread globally, many people have sought different measures to stay safe. However, the first measure to consider is to boost your immune system naturally. The human body has a powerful immune system that fights against viruses and bacteria— and the Coronavirus is one of such. Without any need to panic over getting infected with the Coronavirus, there are multiple things you can do to ensure that your body is in top shape. These ideas are science-based, and you can rest easy knowing that you won’t get infected even if you come in contact with the Coronavirus or find yourself in infected areas. Before we discuss in depth the various measures you can adopt to

Should Women Fast Differently Than Men?


Fasting has its challenges despite the numerous benefits it offers our health. Do you know that these challenges affect men and women differently? Some evidence suggests that women might be more susceptible to the negative effects of fasting. Mind you; no one is saying women are fragile – and all other whatnots. Funnily enough, women (mothers especially) love fasting while men dislike it. How come women are the susceptible ones? Why is fasting challenging for women? According to research, most of the challenges women encounter on fasting are primarily hormonal. How so? Generally, both sexes have a hormone called Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GRH). This GRH regulates the activities of our reproductive organs. In women, GRH’s regulation functions are coordinated –

How Long Should you Fast to Maximize Benefits?


Fasting has played a pivotal role in various cultures and religions. Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus observe fasting. When you hear the word fasting, what comes to mind? A lot of these faiths fast because they think a connection exist between the spiritual and physical state. Over the years, there has been an increase in the prevalence of fasting. But a lot of people who adopt this ancient practice today do so for health reasons. Now that we’ve cleared that out of the way, let’s move on. So much has been done over time and across varying cultural histories about fasting. One thing remains constant, though: fasting does have miraculous tendencies. So, what is fasting? In the simplest form, fasting means

How to Stop Memory Loss


Your brain LOVES ketones! I just spent 4 days at a conference listening to our nation’s top doctors in the world of nutrition and detoxing. One thing became extremely clear to me this weekend... The ketogenic diet puts the body in a massive healing state. Thousands of research studies are now proving ketones supercharge the brain, shrink cancer tumors, repairs the microbiome, and accelerates weight loss. The ketogenic diet is not a fad diet. It's here to stay. Your brain can only use two fuel sources...sugar or ketones. Most people have been eating such a high carb diet that their brain only knows to use sugar for fuel. And just like your body gets insulin resistant from the constant influx

Top 5 Foods that Stimulate Autophagy


5 FOODS THAT STIMULATE AUTOPHAGY Macroautophagy or autophagy is a form of cell detox that keeps your cells rejuvenated and healthy. When your body enters autophagy, the abnormal cells, including cells that aren't functioning well, get destroyed by the body. Lots of studies on autophagy have revealed an overwhelming number of advantages, including reverse the signs of aging. Autophagy slows down the effects of aging so you can look better even as you age. Again, autophagy helps reduce the risks of cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. By destroying abnormal cells, the chances of these diseases developing reduce. In addition to these advantages, the biggest advantage of autophagy (although under research) is its effect on cancerous cells. Autophagy

Which is More Harmful: Fat or Sugar?


I see a lot of confusion around the topic of fat, and it's easy to see why it can get confusing. Online, you may read that a low-fat food product is more likely to cause heart disease than a whole-fat dairy product, but then your physician tells you fat is unhealthy and suggests a low-fat diet. And then somewhere, it is written that sugar fat isn’t as bad compared to sugar. Confusing, right? The American Heart Association says both fat and sugars are unhealthy. But when it comes to fat, what I want you to understand is that there are bad fats and good fats. It means you need to choose the fats you consume because if you completely leave

Metabolic Flexibility: 7 Steps for Faster Metabolism & More Energy


Metabolic flexibility is perfect harmony between burning fat and burning carbs. A metabolically flexible person is someone whose body finds it easy to switch from digesting carbs to digesting fat. Metabolic flexibility is crucial for healthier cells and high energy levels. Many people aren't metabolically flexible due to sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits. The inability to metabolize fats may cause you to gain more weight. Luckily, you can take charge of speeding up your metabolism. From eating healthy fats to sleeping more, use these 7 tips to fire up your inner engine... 1. Eat Healthy Fats MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) are healthy fats contained in food like coconut oil. You can eat these fats since the body metabolizes them faster,

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