Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021


1. Bearaby Weighted Cotton Napper  This buttery soft and breathable 100% organic cotton weighted blanket is the perfect sleep and calming aid. Weighted blankets have been medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles. The weight on your body stimulates the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and increases melatonin, which helps you fall (and stay) asleep. This cotton napper will help you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling rested and revitalized! 2. Ketomanna Chocolate Fudge  Perfectly optimized nutrition. Delicious enough to be dessert. Loaded with brain-boosting MCT’s, KetoManna is a quick and seriously delicious way to keep your body and brain running optimally (burning fats, of course). With 12g of highly-ketogenic MCT's

Should you fast when you’re sick?


This is a great question, and I’ve been getting it a lot lately, especially in today’s viral climate.  The first thing I want you to do is to listen to your intuition. Have you ever noticed that animals will naturally fast when they’re not feeling well. It’s one of the first signs that there might be something wrong with your pet when they stop eating. You have an inner doctor inside you, that speaks to you through cravings and feelings. So instead of worrying about what you should do, ask yourself --do I feel like fasting or eating right now?  Fasting & Viruses: There are several things we know happen to your body when you fast: Ketones prime the

Fats that will make it easier to fast.


Contrary to what you may have been taught, not all fats are bad. One of the mistakes beginner fasters often make is failing to differentiate between good fats versus bad fats.  Eating too many bad fats can end up preventing you from seeing fasting results, leaving you frustrated, not getting into ketosis and hungry! Bad fats actually make it hard to fast. I covered this top in my previous video, so if you haven’t watched it, go back and watch it now. In The Resetter Podcast with Dr. Cate Shanahan, Dr. Cate went so far as to say that bad fats were even worse for you than sugar! That the consumption of bad fats is truly what is underlying

Bad fats that make it hard to fast


If you are new to fasting and/or keto, one of the first things I educate on is that bad fats will make it hard to fast. The body has two options for creating energy. It can either burn sugar or burn fat for fuel. When you fast (especially longer fasts), the body is forced to burn up all readily available sugar, and when glucose is significantly used up, the body will begin to burn fatty acids from stored fat for energy. When this transition to burning fat for energy is made, the body produces ketones and is said to be in a state of “ketosis”. There are levels of ketosis, from light to therapeutic.  Now, there are some foods

The surprising thing that happened when I broke my fast with wine


I did something I’ve never done before. I broke my fast with wine. Then I watched the results on the new NutriSense continuous glucose monitor I’ve been wearing. To my surprise, my blood sugar came down after drinking wine! So that got me thinking about how we can fit wine into our fasting lifestyle and ketogenic efforts. Here’s what I came up with: Wine is great, but find other habits that also lower your blood sugar. Blood sugar goes up when you’re stressed or busy. On this particular day my blood sugar was already high to begin with because I had such a busy day at the office. While I do want to lower my stress levels, so I

Struggling to lose weight while fasting?


Are you struggling to lose weight while fasting? Weight loss occurs when you’ve made the switch from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel. We call this being a “fat burner”, and this switch is defined by the presence of ketones in the body. There are a few things that can prevent this switch from happening. However the good news is, there are five things you can do to make the switch and unstick your weight.  Increase your fasting window It’s possible that you just haven’t fasted enough. Generally it takes consistent fasting to see results. It requires that you try to make fasting a lifestyle habit, not just something you do once in a while. If you are

5 Steps to Getting Results with Any Diet you Choose


There are so many different diets out there: vegetarian, carnivore, keto, vegan, raw, paleo, pescatarian, flexitarian and mediterranean. What works great for one person may not work for another, and it’s our unique genetic makeup and biochemistry that helps determine what may be the most effective way to eat for you. However what I want to talk about here is how you can maximize results regardless of which eating style or diet you choose, which is why I have created 5 Steps to Getting Results with Any Diet you Choose Here’s how to make any diet work for you: Step 1. Create a window or block of time for eating and fasting. You are meant to be a sugar

Get into Ketosis Faster with these 6 Steps


Ketosis is a metabolic state where you are burning fat for energy, instead of burning sugar. When this transition of energy source is made, the body begins producing something called ketones, and is said to be in a state of “ketosis”.  There are four levels of ketosis, starting with a light form of nutrition ketosis, moving into optimal ketosis, then therapeutic ketosis and finally highest level of ketosis which is generally achieved through longer 3+ day water fasting. All levels of ketosis are beneficial, but depending on what your health goals are, you may be trying to reach a specific level of ketosis. You can measure your ketones using a Keto Mojo. 6 Steps to Hacking Ketosis: But what

Autophagy 101


In 2016 Dr. Ohsumi changed the fasting landscape when he won a Nobel prize for his work on autophagy. Autophagy is a process that helps your cells “take out the garbage”, removing damaged cells in order to generate newer, healthier cells. It’s something a healthy body does naturally, to promote healing and overall well being.  So, what does autophagy have to do with fasting?  Well, fasting is an effective way of triggering this magical autophagy process. Keep in mind, autophagy is different from ketosis, which is a fat burning state, while autophagy is a cellular detoxification, anti-aging and healing process. While fasting is one of the best ways to stimulate autophagy, there are a few other ways as well.

How to Stop Food Cravings


What if your food cravings are simply a biological reaction to what’s happening inside your body?  Cravings are driven by two things, first the composition of your microbiome and second, any mineral deficiencies you may have. In other words, if you have an imbalance in your microbiome (more bad bacteria than good) or you’re deficient in essential minerals, you can expect strong cravings, especially for unhealthy foods.  The good news is, stopping your food cravings may be easier than you think!  #1 Cause of Cravings: Microbiome Imbalance >> Watch This << According to Psychology Today, “microbes increase our craving for food that they like by changing our taste buds, increasing opioid and cannabinoid receptors, and producing neurotransmitters such as

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