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Ketobiotic Reset
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Dr. Mindy Pelz

Through exhaustive research and clinical experience, Dr. Mindy has discovered what is really behind these common conditions and how to eliminate them.

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Testimonials 15

I went to see Dr. Mindy because I was unable to turn my head to the right without a lot of pain. I was also waking up every morning very stiff and sore. Since my starting my health journey with Dr. Mindy, I am in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BODY! I am so much more limber and all the pain and stiffness are gone! As fabulous as that is, the biggest change came from the nutritional information and coaching. That was life-changing and I have never been healthier or happier than I am now. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Mindy!

Carla Hansen

Testimonials 13

My family & I have been patients of Dr Mindy's for 3 years. We were very impressed with her knowledge of disease prevention through good nutrition. Dr Mindy has been a huge influence in my family's overall health! I can't thank her enough for everything she does to help others lead a healthy lifestyle. I credit my family's good health to Dr Mindy & the wealth of knowledge she has empowered me with!

Nuti Family

Testimonials 13

I’ve been going to Dr. Mindy for over eight years. I love the feeling of being apart of a like minded community and knowing that I am being proactive in my health. I originally came to see Dr. Mindy for neck pain, but I also had Thyroid issues. I was determined to stay healthy and medication free. Mindy, thank you so much for your dedication to your patients and your zest for life, knowledge, and your passion of sharing that with as many people as you can.

Nancy Burton

Testimonials 12

I can be in the worst mood, totally stressed by life but when I walk into Family Life, I know that I will find a place of acceptance, health and most importantly love. Over the years I have brought my whole family in. My daughter Molly was seen by Mindy during all three of her pregnancies and I'm now the grateful grandmother of 3 beautiful girls. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Dorothy Suarez

Testimonials 16

I started coming to Family Life in August 2014, and I continue to come every week because I know this is the correct path to good health. I am so grateful to all of Family Life, Dr. Mindy, and the staff for their passion and for caring for all of us. I originally came to see Dr. Mindy for weight loss and neck pain. Everytime I come in, I feel so much better and I thank God for the opportunity to be in their office. It’s such a gift.

Pam Rolle

Testimonial 09

My kids truly have been wonderfully impacted by your teachings and truly believe you are impacting the world tremendously. Which you are!!! Love it!!

Karen B.

Testimonial 06

Dr. Mindy, Thank you so much for sharing this information! I am grateful for all you do!

Laurie B.

Testimonial 04

I finally dropped below 150. I was 180 four months ago when I first started following Dr. Mindy. I've already dropped from XL to M tops and 14 to 8 pants and am starting to enjoy shopping again! From the bottom of my ❤, thank you Dr. Mindy!

Teresa A.

Testimonial 01

I can not put into words how much you have improved my quality of life already. I went from feeling alone in a quiet struggle of fatigue and frustration with my health that lasted for many years to a place of confidence, joy and knowledge of how to care for my health and my family. Thank you for guiding our family and doing it with such joy. Your love for life, health and serving others is contagious.

Lindsey Cooke, 42 mom & teacher

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How To Reset Yourself in 21 Days

How To Reset Yourself in 21 Days
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