Best Exercise Practices For Menopausal Women – With Debbie Potts

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"Health Is A Choice" This episode is all about strength training and building muscle for menopausal women. Debbie Potts has been a competitive athlete for most of her life. She has been a top age-group triathlete and runner as well as a 15 Ironman finisher, 5 times Ironman Hawaii World Championship qualifier, and multiple Boston Marathon qualifiers. She coaches clients individually online metabolic efficiency, running, trail running, cycling, and triathlon events. You can check out her race results here! Plus, Debbie Potts is the host of ‘The Low Carb Athlete Podcast’, author, speaker, and coach. She trains the “WHOLE” you to burn fat, optimize health and improve athletic performance- while improving the aging process with “The WHOLESTIC Method” coaching program. In this

The Best Measurement of Health: Heart Rate Variability – With Kristen Holmes

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"Go To Bed & Wake Up At The Same Time" This episode is all about maximizing performance in our everyday life, especially when it comes to heart rate variability and sleep. Kristen works with thousands of the best professional and NCAA athletes in the world. If your favorite athlete is having trouble sleeping, she's the one they call to help understand and interpret their WHOOP data. Along with that, Kristen is a fantastic athlete and coach in her own right. She's a former member of the U.S. National Field Hockey Team and one of the most successful coaches in Ivy League history, having won 12 league titles in 13 seasons and the first national championship ever for

Carbs or Keto, which is best for exercise? – With Zach Bitters

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Celebrate the small wins in life This episode is all about answering the question of is carbs or keto best for exercise? We also dive into ultramarathons, the best diet for your fitness level, and biohacks to improve your performance.   Zach Bitter is an endurance athlete and coach. He helps people achieve their endurance goals, from beginners to advanced. Whether you are just getting started or looking to build on your past experience, Zach is here to help. Zach graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, where he studied education and competed in cross country and track and field. As an educator, he learned how to work with people at the individual level. In this

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