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What the heck your blood sugar and ketone readings are telling you

2019-02-27T16:59:50+00:00Fasting Techniques, Health, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet|

What the heck your blood sugar & ketone readings are telling you. Let me try and simplify this for you: BLOOD SUGAR – 70-90 mg/dl Your blood sugar tells you how much glucose you have in your blood at that moment. When glucose goes high, insulin goes high. Insulin is your fat storing hormone. When insulin is high it signals the body to store fat, not burn it. The only path to sustained weight loss is to keep insulin low as long as possible. You keep insulin low by keeping your blood sugar low. KETONES- >.5 mm/dl When your blood sugar is low for a period of time, it signals to the liver to burn fat for energy. Once the […]

Keto for Women: 5 Things That Can Derail the Keto Diet for Women

2020-06-30T12:53:12+00:00Gut Imbalances, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

I have news for you: women need to do the ketogenic diet differently than men. If you’re a woman who’s eating low carb, high (good) fat meals and fasting for extended periods, you’re practicing some great strategies to temporarily lose weight, create endless energy, and give you ridiculous mental clarity. But these same practices are harming one crucial piece of your health: your hormones. Now, before I confuse you, let me explain myself. Those of you who know the keto diet well know that it can make a tremendous difference with the hormone insulin. And there is no better way to get yourself out of insulin resistance than fasting mixed with the keto diet. But you have two other key […]

MY WEIGHT LOSS TIPS – How to lose weight in 2018

2018-07-29T09:12:13+00:00Detoxing, Fasting Techniques, Gut Imbalances, Heavy Metal Detoxing, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

In case you haven’t noticed there is a war going on. It’s not a war like we see on TV or read about in the newspaper. It’s a war to stay healthy in an extremely toxic world. I am in the trenches with people everyday helping them win this war. I have heard story after story of people who were healthy one day and in a matter of weeks their health slipped away. Chronic fatigue, memory problems, sudden weight gain, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems…you name it, I’ve seen it. And unfortunately medication is the only solution that most of you are given to win this battle. I want to […]

Reset Your Hormones With These Foods and Herbs

2018-05-25T11:23:39+00:00Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

Keeping your hormones balanced can have a profound effect on your physical and emotional health. While estrogen gets a lot of focus for most women, today I want to tell you about how balancing your progesterone levels can have a dramatic effect on your hormonal health. No matter what time of life you are in, progesterone is a key hormone you need for your brain and body to function well. Progesterone is your anti-anxiety hormone. Without proper amounts of progesterone, you may find yourself with these symptoms: Trouble sleeping Irritable Overwhelmed Quick to react to stress Irregular cycles When you turn 30, your body starts making less and less progesterone. Worse yet, if you are living a high-stress life and […]

Can You Eat Too Much Good Fat?

2021-05-18T14:52:39+00:00Health, Ketogenic Diet|

This is the most common question I get when I put a patient on a keto-style food plan. Today I want to put all your fears to rest and hopefully give you a paradigm shift in how you look at cholesterol. Ready? Hang on to your hats… Cholesterol is an issue of too much sugar and processed bad oils, not an issue of too much good fat (even saturated fats like coconut oil). My experience has shown that about 80-90% of people see a significant reduction in their total cholesterol and LDL, a decrease in Triglycerides and an increase in HDLs when they follow a low carb, moderate protein, high good fat diet. This usually surprises their MD when their […]

How to Stop Memory Loss

2020-01-23T14:42:46+00:00Detoxing, Fasting Techniques, Heavy Metal Detoxing, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

  Your brain LOVES ketones! I just spent four days at a conference listening to our nation’s top doctors in the world of nutrition and detoxing. One thing became extremely clear to me this weekend… The ketogenic diet puts the body in a massive healing state. Thousands of research studies are now proving ketones supercharge the brain, shrink cancer tumors, repair the microbiome, and accelerate weight loss. The ketogenic diet is not a fad diet. It’s here to stay. Here’s the deal: our brain can only use two fuel sources…sugar or ketones. Most people have been eating such a high carb diet that their brain only knows how to use sugar for fuel. And just like your body gets insulin […]

Ketogenic Diet Do’s & Don’ts

2017-09-11T14:16:57+00:00Ketogenic Diet|

I get a ton of questions every week from people who are trying to understand the ketogenic diet. There is a lot of misinformation out there on what the ketogenic diet is, how to get into ketosis, and best practices for measuring ketones. So I want to clarify it for you today. For starters, why should you train your body to get into ketosis? Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead. This results in a build-up of a certain type of acid, called “ketones,” within the body. The presence of ketones in your blood is an indication that your body is burning fat for energy. Among […]

Can My Kids Follow A Ketogenic Diet?

2017-07-25T12:38:35+00:00Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

I get this question a lot. Once someone sees how effective the ketogenic diet is, they want to know if it’s safe for their kids. As responsible parents, they have questions: Is it okay for kids to restrict carbs? Can they fast? Is all that fat good for them? Here are my top 3 recommendations for applying the ketogenic diet with kids: 1. Tell Them Why I’ve always believed that my job as a parent is to teach my kids why it’s important to make your health a priority. If you look at the wave of different diet crazes that have been popular in the past few decades (Paleo, Atkins, Whole30,) they all have one thing in common: they’re all […]


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