5 Ways to Strengthen Immune System and Detox

Let’s talk about 5 ways to strengthen your immune system for optimal immune health. The reality is, it has never been more important that our bodies and internal systems are running at their best. 

Here they are:

Removing toxins to strengthen your immune system

Stop putting toxins INTO your body. Take a look at the things that you are putting in and around your body, and ask yourself these questions: 

    1. Food: Are you eating nutrient-dense, whole foods? Are you reading labels, looking at ingredients? Are you eating a lot of packaged foods? Avoid GMO, non-organic, artificially flavored and processed foods. 
    2. Cleaning supplies: Are you cleaning with toxic cleaners? Almost all conventional cleaners are toxic and highly detrimental to your health. The EWG database is a great place to check how toxic your current household items are. My favorite non-toxic cleaning brand is Branch Basics. 
    3. Skin care: Are you putting endocrine disruptors on your skin? The chemicals in skincare, beauty, bath and body products have been linked with developmental, reproductive, brain, immune, and other problems. Switch to natural skin care products, like OSEA, Primally Pure, and Ilike. 
    4. Household: Mold isn’t called the silent killer for nothing. Molds are capable of producing health issues in even the healthiest people, and can be the root cause of chronic inexplicable symptoms like allergies, brain fog, rashes, respiratory issues, fatigue and memory loss. Prevent moisture with proper ventilation and monitor common areas like showers and under sinks.

Strengthen your immune system with fasting

  1. Fasting is one of the best ways to eliminate toxins from your body. I recommend at least 17 hours of fasting every day. Fasting 17 hours a day stimulates something called autophagy, the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells. When this happens, your body is able to either clean up and eliminate cellular damage caused by the toxins in our environment. 

Eat leafy green vegetables to strengthen your immune system

  1. I think of leafy greens as a street cleaner, “that assists the liver and the gut in naturally ushering toxins out of the body”. Leafy greens also assist in the breakdown of toxic estrogen (important for those of you going through menopause!). Furthermore, greens like broccoli and brussel sprouts that are rich in sulfur will help you raise your glutathione levels. Learn more about the relationship between glutathione levels and immune system health here

Sleep can strengthen your immune system

  1. Sounds easy enough right? When you sleep, the ventricles of your brain shrink and cerebral spinal fluid can come up through your spine to help nourish your brain and pull toxins out. So make sure you are getting good, solid sleep. Go to bed early, avoid screens 2 hrs before bedtime and use black out shades to ensure darkness. Your brain and body will thank you. 

Supplementation to strengthen your immune system

  1. While living a healthy lifestyle can help keep toxins at bay, the reality is we love in a highly toxin modern world. So if you have done all four of these steps, you may want to try a supplement-assisted detoxification process, like the Toxin Reset. A protocol of specific supplements can be highly effective at helping fast track the process of pulling toxins out of the body. This is often necessary I find with clients who have chronic conditions and health challenges that are not response to other efforts. 

Learn more and share my Youtube video, “5 ways to detox and boost your immune system.”


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  1. Trina Chua February 11, 2024 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    Hi Dr. Mindy, need more information on the 90 day toxin reset. Thank you.

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