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5 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Help You Lose Weight

2020-07-29T16:00:23+00:00Gut Imbalances, Health|

Over the years I have tried many different approaches to losing weight and keeping it off. Weight loss resistance is a real issue for a lot of my clients and followers, so today I’m sharing the top 5 weight loss strategies that have helped me and many of my Resetters lose weight for good. Weight loss strategy #1: Fasting, and optimize your fasting window. Fasting is hopefully something you’ve integrated in into your lifestyle. But there are many different types of fasting and finding the right one for your body requires a bit of experimentation. There are a couple ways to troubleshoot fasting if you’re not seeing results. One thing you may want to try is increasing your fasting window. For

Keto for Women: 5 Things That Can Derail the Keto Diet for Women

2020-06-30T12:53:12+00:00Gut Imbalances, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

I have news for you: women need to do the ketogenic diet differently than men. If you’re a woman who’s eating low carb, high (good) fat meals and fasting for extended periods, you’re practicing some great strategies to temporarily lose weight, create endless energy, and give you ridiculous mental clarity. But these same practices are harming one crucial piece of your health: your hormones. Now, before I confuse you, let me explain myself. Those of you who know the keto diet well know that it can make a tremendous difference with the hormone insulin. And there is no better way to get yourself out of insulin resistance than fasting mixed with the keto diet. But you have two other key […]

MY WEIGHT LOSS TIPS – How to lose weight in 2018

2018-07-29T09:12:13+00:00Detoxing, Fasting Techniques, Gut Imbalances, Heavy Metal Detoxing, Keto for Women, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

In case you haven’t noticed there is a war going on. It’s not a war like we see on TV or read about in the newspaper. It’s a war to stay healthy in an extremely toxic world. I am in the trenches with people everyday helping them win this war. I have heard story after story of people who were healthy one day and in a matter of weeks their health slipped away. Chronic fatigue, memory problems, sudden weight gain, chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hot flashes, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, digestive problems…you name it, I’ve seen it. And unfortunately medication is the only solution that most of you are given to win this battle. I want to […]

Which kombucha is the perfect fit for your gut microbiome?

2019-11-26T16:48:43+00:00Gut Imbalances, Health, Nutrition|

Years ago, I had a running partner who was obsessed with kombucha. She swore by it and said it was the only thing that helped ensure that she had daily bowel movements. I can still remember trying it for the first time and thinking, “This is disgusting!” I wondered how my friend could stomach such a pungent drink. Then, one day after a long run, this same friend pulled a bottle of kombucha out of her fridge and something funny happened: I felt a strange craving to drink it. It was like a calling or a signal coming from within, telling me that my body needed it. And, for whatever reason, when I drank it that day, I loved it. […]

Is your gut bacteria causing you a mineral deficiency?

2018-04-04T11:51:26+00:00Gut Imbalances, Health|

Guess what? It turns out that your gut bacteria may have way more control over your health than you may have realized. Not only is science now linking changes in your gut bacteria to depression, anxiety, and weight loss resistance, it’s also proving that the imbalances in your gut bacteria could be causing mineral deficiencies. Which mineral deficiency is caused by an imbalance in your gut bacteria? Well, it turns out both magnesium and zinc can become deficient in your body if your gut bacteria are not well-nourished. And these two minerals are crazy important for your brain health. One of the reasons I am so passionate about this topic is because mineral deficiencies are contributing to the growing anxiety […]

Underactive thyroid, weight loss, and a ketogenic lifestyle

2021-01-15T16:14:02+00:00Detoxing, Fasting Techniques, Gut Imbalances, Heavy Metal Detoxing, Keto for Women, Nutrition|

  Hypothyroidism (Underactive thyroid) and weight loss are two words you don’t often hear together. In fact, most people who have been told that they have a hypoactive thyroid are also told weight loss will be impossible. Well, I have great news for you: nothing could be further from the truth! Your sluggish thyroid is not a thyroid problem at all, it’s a toxic load problem. And when you identify which toxins are affecting you the most, you can create strategies to start losing weight again. So how do you go about doing that? This is the three-step process I take all my hypothyroid patients through: STEP ONE: Stop clogging your receptor sites Every cell in your body has a […]

Is your fish oil keeping you from losing weight?

2018-01-30T16:58:40+00:00Detoxing, Gut Imbalances, Nutrition|

It’s the time of the year again, that frustrating time when you realize you haven’t made as much progress with your weight loss goals as you had hoped. Maybe your plan was flawed. Or maybe you’re realizing that your weight loss strategies were too rigid and you just can’t sustain that level of discipline. There’s no doubt that losing weight is one of the biggest health struggles most of us face. That’s why, this year, I’m making it my goal to demystify weight loss for you. I want you to see that holding onto weight is a sign of underlying malfunctions in your body. And once you identify and reset these malfunctions, you’ll start dropping weight with ease. In my Resetter […]

Thanksgiving foods that feed your GOOD GUT BACTERIA

2017-11-22T14:32:12+00:00Gut Imbalances, Keto for Women, Nutrition, Pathogens|

The Care And Feeding Of Your Good Bacteria With Thanksgiving upon us, I have some exciting news! Many of the foods you will be consuming on Thursday are rich in polyphenols. Woot! Wait. What are polyphenols? You may have heard of polyphenols because of their power to prevent cancer. But what you most likely haven’t heard is that polyphenols also feed the good bacteria in your gut. And good bacteria produce key neurotransmitters like serotonin and energizing vitamins like B-vitamins. Sounds good, right? But here’s the complicated truth about the microbiome… it’s confusing! Even doctors are confused and many are in the dark about the importance of your microbiome. What’s exciting is that we are starting to get really sound […]

Three Musts For Keeping Your Pets Healthy

2017-07-17T14:37:27+00:00Detoxing, Fasting Techniques, Gut Imbalances, Ketogenic Diet, Nutrition|

Recently, we lost our family dog to lymphoma. She was only 8-years-old and was one of the best dogs we have ever owned. When she was first diagnosed, we were shocked. How could our dog get cancer? We fed her an organic, grain-free kibble, we lived in a toxin-free household, and we minimized the amount of pharmaceuticals she was prescribed over the years. I thought we were doing everything right to keep her toxic load low. Two different veterinarians told us that Rottweilers are simply prone to cancer, so it was in her genes. But with everything I know about health, I know that genes are triggered by toxins. If my dog had a gene for cancer, something turned that […]

The key to a healthy GUT MICROBIOME

2017-07-11T14:15:31+00:00Gut Imbalances|

The bacteria in your gut is a whole new frontier for doctors to understand. In 1928, penicillin was discovered. And it saved lives. So the pharmaceutical companies made more and more antibiotics like penicillin to kill any bad bacteria that came around. And for decades, antibiotics were revered as miracles. Until they made too many. Bad bugs in our environment became super bugs. And antibiotics stopped working. In fact, it’s gotten so bad that the CDC now reports it won’t make any new antibiotics. This has forced scientists to look at our relationship with bacteria a little differently. What if bacteria aren’t all that bad? What if we NEED some bacteria in our bodies? It’s important to realize that this […]


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