Women and Fasting Myths

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I'm dispelling all the women and fasting myths today in my new youtube video, and talking about how women of every age group should be fasting...because when it comes to fasting, age does matter!  Some of the common women and fasting myths include: Fasting isn't safe for women. False. If you’re not convinced, watch Why every woman should be fasting. Fasting will tank women's hormones. False. Fasting actually helps balance hormones through the mechanisms of the Hormonal Hierarchy. Certain hormones have more power over others. So if you want to influence sex hormones, which are at the bottom of the hierarchy, you need to work on your oxytocin, cortisol and insulin levels.  Women need to fast differently than men.

Dry Fasting To Turn Off Bad Genes


The benefits of dry fasting have been shown in study after study, however a new Baylor University study (2020) looked at the effect of dry intermittent fasting on gene expression. Yes, the power to switch our genes on and off! First, here is a little background behind the science. The study from Baylor University examined fourteen humans for 30-days who utilized dry intermittent fasting for fourteen hours a day. This meant no food or liquids during the fasting window, with no calorie or diet restrictions during the eating window, they could eat their usual diet. Thirteen of the subjects were male, and one subject was female. Even if the subject did not lose weight, the positive genes turned on, and


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