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Want to practice fasting with me?

Each month I lead a week-long fasting experience! My intention for creating Fast Training Week ( FTW) is to bring the Resetter community together to practice fasting, learn new styles of fasting and to push our fasting growth edges.

I usually offer three fasting options, a beginner Intermittent Fast, an intermediate themed fast which changes every month, and an advanced 3-5 day water fast.

During FTW I post new training videos every day on my YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe and click on the bell icon to receive notifications when videos go live.

“There is NO such thing as a failed fast. Every fasting experience makes you stronger and more adapted.” – Dr. Mindy

Need help? In addition to my Instagram platform where I share tons of knowledge, you can find free support and community in the Resetter Collaborative on Facebook. Or if you are a member of the Reset Academy, you have trained guides available there to help you anytime!

Upcoming Fast Training Weeks:

December 2022: 5th-9th

Previous Fast Training Weeks:

November 1st-4rth Fat-Burner Fast

October 3rd-7th 24-Hour Fast

September 12th-16th Autophagy

August 15th-19th Intermittent Fasting

July 11th-15th Sleep

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June 13th-17th Dopamine

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