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The Importance of Amino Acids in the Body – With Dr. David Minkoff

2022-11-16T17:47:12+00:00Biohacking, Podcasts, Women's Health|

“I'm Grateful That I Can Help” This episode explains why you need to pay special attention to your amino acid intake to help with fasting and overall wellness. Dr. David Minkoff graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974 and was elected to the “Phi Beta Kappa” of medical schools, the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Fraternity for very high academic achievement. He is board certified in Pediatrics and has completed a Fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the University of California in San Diego, which included research in developing new medicines to fight viral disease. As a clinical faculty member at the University, he also served as co-director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Super Gut: The Bacteria-Microbiome Connection You Need To Know About – With Dr. William Davis

2022-11-01T17:20:00+00:00Fasting Lifestyle, Podcasts, Women's Health|

“Gratitude Brings Good Things To You” This episode uncovers a widespread intestinal problem that stems from common lifestyle practices. Dr. William Davis shares the science behind the problem and reveals the best remedies. Dr. William Davis is a cardiologist and New York Times #1 bestselling author of the Wheat Belly book series. He is the Medical Director and founder of the Undoctored program, including the Undoctored Inner Circle. He is the Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Realize Therapeutics Corp. which is developing innovative solutions for the disrupted human microbiome, and the author of the book Super Gut. In this podcast, Super Gut: The Bacteria-Microbiome Connection You Need To Know About - With Dr. William Davis, we

Insulin Resistance: Key Signs & Indicators You Need To Know – With Thomas DeLauer

2022-10-04T16:35:09+00:00Exercise, Fasting Lifestyle, Podcasts, Women's Health|

“I Love My Fasted Workouts” This episode covers the indicators and consequences of insulin resistance. Thomas DeLauer discusses the best ways to combat insulin resistance through lifestyle changes. Thomas DeLauer is an expert in diet, nutrition, and mindset. He is motivated by a guiding ethos of integrated optimization: if you perform better, so does the world. Thomas reaches more than 15 million viewers monthly (on average) through his YouTube channel, where he translates experience and learning from his own health transformation into actionable steps for his dedicated community of 2.9 million subscribers. The strength of Thomas’ platform is communication, distilling complex subject matter -- i.e. the biochemistry of the ketogenic diet, fasting, metabolic health, and more -- into digestible insights for the viewer. Thomas

What Genes Tell Us About Our Health – With Teri Cochrane

2022-09-20T14:41:31+00:00Biohacking, Mindset, Podcasts, Women's Health|

“Do You In 2022” This episode is about knowing how to eat for our genes. Teri Cochrane is the founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute® and an international thought leader in longevity. Through her decades of clinical work, Teri has developed The Cochrane Method®, a future-facing, multisystem health and longevity model. This model examines the intersection of genetic expression due to pathogenic and environmental causes, energy, and her clients’ unique personal blueprint. Teri specializes in solutions to complex health conditions and serves world-class athletes. She is the author of the Amazon best-selling new release book, The Wildatarian Diet: Living As Nature Intended. In this podcast, What Genes Tell Us About Our Health, we cover: Epigenetics: what

Danica Patrick’s Health Journey: Hormones, Detox, and Breast Explants

2022-09-01T13:29:42+00:00Podcasts, Toxicity, Women's Health|

“The Universe Has Been Blessing Me With a Lot of Information and Resources” This episode is all about how we, as women, can create an incredible customized path for our own healthcare. Danica Patrick is admired by millions as a trailblazer and especially as a role model for young people, women and men alike, aiming to rise to challenges and pursue their own passions. As a serial entrepreneur, she has launched successful ventures from apparel to wine, including her American and French labels, Somnium, a collection of fine wines grown in California’s Napa Valley, and Danica Rosé, an elegant bottling from the heart of the Provence region. Recently she debuted her new lifestyle brand VOYANT by Danica,

Ask Me Anything Keto + Fasting II – With Ben Azadi

2022-08-26T17:12:44+00:00Fasting Lifestyle, Podcasts, Women's Health|

“Practice Self-Love and Gratitude Every Day” This episode is about things you can do to heal yourself using fasting and keto. In 2008, Ben Azadi underwent a personal health transformation by shredding 80 pounds of pure fat. Ever since, Ben Azadi, FDN-P, has been on a mission to help 1 billion people live a healthier lifestyle. For more than a decade, Keto Kamp founder Ben Azadi has shared his unique point of view and expertise to help others become the healthiest versions of themselves. From understanding the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, and other ancient healing strategies, Ben’s followers look to him for his take on the most effective techniques to become healthier at the cellular level. Ben

The Link Between Hormones and Mental Health Part II

2022-08-06T15:42:44+00:00Podcasts, Women's Health|

“Once We Know Our Hormones, We Know How to Take Better Care of Our Mental Health” This episode is about how hormones and neurotransmitters can synergize together to improve our mental health. In this podcast, The Link Between Hormones and Mental Health, we cover: The four things we need in life to bring us more joy The signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances Tools to improve hormonal imbalances and mental health Ketamine and its effects on the brain and mental health The impact of hormones and mental health on women The Four Things We Need in Life to Bring Us More Joy It would help if you had a good dose of amino acids to support dopamine and

The Link Between Hormones and Mental Health Part I

2022-07-23T17:31:55+00:00Podcasts, Women's Health|

“Our Hormonal Health Starts in Kindness” This episode is about the key themes emerging on how our hormones and neurotransmitters play a crucial role in our mental health. In this podcast, The Link Between Hormones and Mental Health, we cover: The biggest absence of knowledge we have in hormonal health Men vs. Women: how do their hormones differ? The relationship between your sex hormones and insulin The importance of reducing cortisol and turning down the dial on stress Oxytocin: the most critical hormone to fight the pandemic The Biggest Absence of Knowledge We Have In Hormonal Health The most significant absence of knowledge in hormonal health is understanding that hormones are coming in and moving out. You

How the Ketogenic Diet Affects Your Hemoglobin Levels – With Dr. Boz

2022-07-20T21:10:24+00:00Fasting Lifestyle, Podcasts, Women's Health|

“Fasting Is So Correlated To What's In My Heart” This episode concerns our hemoglobin levels and the importance of examining our bloodwork. Dr. Boz was born into a farming family in rural South Dakota, inheriting hard work and the expectations that all things are teachable. Throughout her medical training and career, she applied her inheritance to teach patients through storytelling and practical application of medical jargon. She has been featured on CNN, Time, U.S. News & World Report, Fox News, & more. As an Assistant Professor and Internal Medicine Doctor, she helps students and patients combat chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, depression, addiction, and autoimmune problems. Through the DOD Counter-terrorism, she teaches how to optimize brains &

How to Destroy What Is Holding You Back So You Can Live the Life You Want – With Katherine Wintsch

2022-07-11T15:51:41+00:00Mindset, Podcasts, Women's Health|

“We Have To Believe That We're Worthy of Rest” This episode is about the concepts many of us use daily that create suffering in our lives. Plus, Katherine gives tips and tricks to make life less daunting. Katherine dedicates her life to making the lives of mothers easier. In her role as founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, she helps the largest companies in the world such as Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, and Airbnb better understand and support their mom customers and employees. And in her latest venture, Katherine combines 10+ years of groundbreaking research on motherhood with her own personal journey in her popular book Slay Like a Mother. Parade magazine recently named Slay Like a Mother, one of the


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