What is your body saying?

The immune system isn’t an island. It is known to respond to signals from other systems within the body.

Mostly, your immune system talks with your nervous and hormone (endocrine) systems.

SO if your nervous system is in fight-or-flight, and your stress hormones are sky high, do you think that’s going to be good or bad for your immune system?

It might seem like more stress would boost your immune response in order to ready your body for a disaster, but the science is showing us that is not the case.

Chronic stress LOWERS your immunity.

You can’t be in a place of fear and gratitude at the same time. Watching the news is NOT helping with this at the moment.

So letโ€™s start a pandemic of gratitude!

Post your gratitude below โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒ .I’m doing this with my team. We have a group chat going where we share what we’re grateful for on the daily! It’s fantastic, especially while we are all so disconnected during this time.

We share stories of being grateful for dry farm wine, pictures of flowers, quarantine memes, uplifting songs, and so much support and positivity.

Lift me up!

What are you grateful for today? Share it with me on social media!

If you’re looking for more community, join our 30 Day Challenge! For 30 days I’m giving you one task a day so that you have one thing to focus on that will support a healthy immune system.

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Things like sleep, fermented foods, grounding, and gratitude.

All 30 things are backed by science, and designed to be accessible to everyone around the world.

Join me in this challenge!

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We can do this, you guys!

We can band together as a world. It doesn’t matter where you live, what foods you have access to, or how much money you have. Your body was BORN TO HEAL. And there are specific actions you can take to support that innate intelligence!

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