30-Day Immunity Challenge

Reset your immune system to protect yourself from viruses.



Create health, and inspire others to do the same!
Focus on something you CAN control instead of what is outside of your control.
Plus… every day we’re choosing 5 Resetters using the hashtag #30dayimmunitychallenge to get a FREE MONTH in Dr. Mindy’s private learning platform, the Reset Academy!


  1. Check your email every day for a message from Dr. Mindy with the challenge of the day.
  2. Post a photo on Instagram or Facebook of you completing the challenge.
  3. Use #30dayimmunitychallenge to enter the daily Reset Academy giveaway!


Join Us in the Reset Academy

$349.00 / Save 30% with a Year Membership

The Reset Academy Includes

  • Monthly Live Coaching Class

    Get your burning questions answered by Dr. Mindy in live Zoom Q+A group coaching calls. Held twice a month one at noon and the other at 5 pm PDT. Can’t make it live? No worries! All classes are recorded, summarized, and questions can be submitted before hand.

  • 14 Transformative Courses

    Access exclusive resources with simplicity. Organized in an easy-to-follow structure, these courses, which are not on YouTube, take you step-by-step through Resets, workouts, and more. All designed to help you create a lasting lifestyle of health!

  • Support

    The Reset Academy team is here to help Monday-Friday via email, and on the live group coaching calls. We’ve got you covered if you need help navigating, have general questions, or are looking for a little extra guidance.

  • Reset Toolbox

    All the Reset tools will be curated for you to easily access in one place. Cheatsheets, ebooks, PDF’s and infographics, ready to support your Reset goals.

  • Community

    No more fasting alone. This is a more intimate environment than Dr. Mindy’s social media platforms, providing you a way to connect with other committed Resetters. Discussion tabs on each lesson enable conversation, and there’s a private Facebook group for anybody who chooses to use that platform.

  • Research Library

    Indexed library of published and vetted studies supporting Dr. Mindy’s Reset protocols and recommendations.

$349.00 / Save 30% with a Year Membership