What the heck your blood sugar & ketone readings are telling you.

Let me try and simplify this for you:

BLOOD SUGAR – 70-90 mg/dl

Your blood sugar tells you how much glucose you have in your blood at that moment.

When glucose goes high, insulin goes high.

Insulin is your fat storing hormone. When insulin is high it signals the body to store fat, not burn it. The only path to sustained weight loss is to keep insulin low as long as possible.

You keep insulin low by keeping your blood sugar low.
KETONES- >.5 mm/dl

When your blood sugar is low for a period of time, it signals to the liver to burn fat for energy. Once the liver receives that signal it produces ketones.

Ketones are a sign that the liver is now fat burning for energy.

The optimal fat burning range of ketones >1.0

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are fasting and keeping carbs & protein low AND increasing your fat and you are consistently not getting a reading >.5 you need to focus on healing your mitochondria. I did a video on that yesterday & will talk more on it today on my RESETTER LIVE.


This was an index that was made popular by Thomas Seyfried to determine if a cancer patient was in a state of optimal autophagy. This range was determined from his research with patients with brain cancers.

Most people will not fall into the range unless doing an extended water fast. If you don’t have cancer, it’s an interesting number to look, but not obsess on.

If you do have cancer, it’s a number you want to track. This index gives you something to shoot for. If you are not getting that 1:1 range and you are not sure what to do, first do an extended water fast. 3-Days is a good place to start. If you still don’t get in that range, it’s time to work with a practitioner that can help you.

How you determine the range:

  • take glucose reading
  • if in US divide that reading by 18 to convert to mmols
  • take ketone reading
  • are those two readings similar?

For example:
80 divided by 18 = 4.4

If I was to be in the proper range for maximum autophagy & cancer killing, I would need ketones to be at 4.4. That would be a 1:1 ratio.

WORD OF CAUTION: If not anywhere near that range, it does NOT mean you are not getting the effects of autophagy. This is a range for patients with cancer to work towards getting into several times a month.

Here is a great video to give you an even deeper understanding of how to interpret your numbers.