5 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Help You Lose Weight

Over the years I have tried many different approaches to losing weight and keeping it off. Weight loss resistance is a real issue for a lot of my clients and followers, so today I’m sharing the top 5 weight loss strategies that have helped me and many of my Resetters lose weight for good.

Weight loss strategy #1:

Fasting, and optimize your fasting window. Fasting is hopefully something you’ve integrated in into your lifestyle. But there are many different types of fasting and finding the right one for your body requires a bit of experimentation. There are a couple ways to troubleshoot fasting if you’re not seeing results. One thing you may want to try is increasing your fasting window. For example, the 3:3:1 fast requires 3 days of 17 hour fasting, 3 days of 24 hour fasting, and 1 day of 36 hour fasting that extends into the following week.

Weight loss strategy #2:

Give these two types of fasts a try. There are 2 types of 17 hour fast variations I have tried; the carnivore and vegan diet. I recommend trying both and experimenting with which one works best for you. As I talked about in my last post, the ratios of good to bad bacteria in your gut microbiome will also help determine which is better for you. These ratios can be identified by the Gut Zoomer test. More about this below.

Weight loss strategy #3:

Do a 90 day cellular detox. Sometimes you may be doing all the right things but your body is simply blocked by an accumulation of environmental and chemical toxins….think mercury, lead, synthetic chemicals in fragrances, pollution, pesticides in food, etc. Toxins get stored deep in fat, to keep them away from vital organs. Often, a deep detox is necessary to pull out and release these toxins before you’ll see weight loss results. If you think this might be you, join the Toxin Reset.

Weight loss strategy #4:

Don’t guess, test. This strategy involves getting your gut bacteria ratios into balance. If you haven’t read my last email about microbiome balance, you can do so here. There are two important ratios you should keep balanced in our gut microbiome. First, the Firmicutes / Bacteroidetes ratio (F/B) and second, the Prevotella / Bacteroidetes ratio (P/B). When the ratios are high, you will struggle to lose weight. The best approach to know exactly what your ratios are. This can be done via stool sample with a Gut Zoomer test.

Weight loss strategy #5:

Stop stressing! Stress affects our body in many ways, including our ability to lose weight. Stress slows our metabolism and encourages the body to store fat. So if you’ve done everything to lose weight and it’s not coming off, take a deep breath and give yourself a break. Be kind to your body and be playful when it comes to dropping that weight.

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