I hope you all have enjoyed watching my trip through Italy on instagram. Thank you for all of your comments, I love connecting with my online community, even while I am away!

If you are anything like me, getting back into the groove of work and home life can be a struggle. Over the years, I have learned a couple of tricks to integrate quickly and peacefully back into my daily routine.

Trick One: Gratitude

One of the greatest things to release Oxytocin in your body is through gratitude. Think about it. How amazing was it that you had the opportunity to go on vacation? As you reintegrate back into your life, focus on the incredible experience you just had. One tip I can give you, is when you go to bed at night, list all the things you are grateful for and an awesome vacation is definitely on that list.

Trick Two: Jump back into to exercise routine right away

On many vacations, your exercise routine can be disrupted or non-existent. I have found it really beneficial that even if I feel jet lagged or overwhelmed by the amount of work that awaits me, I make my exercise routine a priority. There are so many benefits to your nervous system when you exercise, such as calming the brain and improving mental clarity.

Trick Three: Sweat!

Even if you have done all the right tips and tricks to minimize the increase of toxins in your body while you were on vacation, there is a possibility that you would benefit from opening up your detox pathways. My two favorite ways to sweat the most is a heated yoga class or an infrared sauna. For those of you that are local, check out our sauna in our Reset Room. You don’t have to be a current patient to enjoy it!

Trick Four: Re-balance your nervous system

One of the things I have noticed with traveling is that I can be incredibly relaxed while on my vacation, but the getting to and from our destination can stress me out. Long lines at the airport, tight connection times, and the hassles of travel often can put you back in a sympathetic dominance state. The quickest way to bring peace back to your nervous system is through a chiropractic adjustment. I know my patients often drive directly to my office from the airport to get the benefit of an adjustment can have on their nervous system. You’ll feel better, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll think better. Go see your chiropractor!

Trick Five: Detox

The best time to launch into a thorough detox is after a vacation. A thorough detox encompasses three phases: opening up detox pathways, pulling toxins from the body, and pulling toxins from the brain. If you want to detox properly, you are going to want to do it in a slow and methodical way. I know I will be hopping into another phase of our true cellular detox now that I am back in the groove of my everyday life. If you want to join me in our next group detox, sign up here!

I would love to hear what other tricks you have to integrate back into your daily routine!

As always, I hope this helps!