Thank you for all of you that have reached out about your concern over glyphosate being so prevalent in our food supplies. In today’s email I really want to give you some concrete ideas on what you can do to protect yourself. Since the interview with Dr. Zach Bush, I have been thinking a lot about the steps that we can all follow to minimize the impact of glyphosate on our bodies.

Here are the steps I have come up with:

Step One: Eat Organic whenever possible

Dr. Bush mentioned in the interview that this is not a 100% guarantee that we are not exposed to glyphosate, but it is a very good first step to minimizing your exposure to glyphosate.

Step Two: Take Restore Daily

Many of you know that I am a fan of using food to heal and cycling your supplements on a continual basis; however, if there is one supplement that I feel we should all be on, it is Restore. Everytime you eat, you are adding to your toxic levels, you are damaging the microbiome in your gut, and you are weakening your immune system. Restore is the only product that we have that will tighten the junctions in your gut and block glyphosate from getting into your bloodstream. I recommend that you follow the bottle and do 3 teaspoons a day, before meals is preferred.

Step Three: Minimize the use of antibiotics

As Dr. Bush mentioned, glyphosate has an antibacterial effect and will kill the good bacteria in your body that you need to produce neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. The more antibiotics you take, the more conventional meats you eat you are perpetuating the destruction of these healthy microbes. Save antibiotics for life or death situations and commit to eating organic meat only.

Step Four: Start feeding your good bacteria

Watch the video I did on KETOBIOTIC vs. KETO. I explained in that video how important it is to add fermented, polyphenol, and prebiotic foods into your daily eating habits. These foods will add good bacteria in and feed the good bacteria that you currently have.

Step Five: Detox Glyphosate

So often I talk about how powerful it is to detox heavy metals from the body, but did you know that our heavy metal detox also helps assist in detoxing glyphosate. I feel so passionate that we have hit a time in human history where we all need to add detoxing regularly into our health plan. The hard part is that the word detox is thrown around a lot which can be very confusing and quite hard to understand what your next step is. This is why we created the Ultimate Reset, which embodies heavy metal detoxing, as well as detoxing chemicals such as glyphosate and mold. This Reset is more than just a detox or taking supplements. It is an educational process that will give you the knowledge to be able to detox yourself and your family for years to come. Our next Ultimate Reset will start on July 22nd. I would love to have you join me in that Reset. Please reach out with any questions.

I know this is a really scary and overwhelming topic. I know this feels like a daunting task. Everyday, more and more people are waking up to the effects of glyphosate and organizations such as Farmers Footprint are emerging to help farmers regenerate their soils so that they can grow chemical free food for us to benefit from. Again, if you watched my interview with Dr. Zach Bush, I would really encourage you to go and donate to his cause. Together we can turn this situation around.

In case you missed it, here’s the interview: