How to Balance your Hormones to Maximize your Immunity with Dr. Sara Gottfried

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¬† ūüĆü Revelation Health is our Sponsor for today‚Äôs episode. Get 10% off your order with Promo Code: ResetterPodcast ūüĆü >>>More information on our July Metabolic Reset or the Dutch Hormone Test.<<< This episode is all about rebuilding our microbiome and why food can be our biggest hero or our worst enemy.¬† Sara Gottfried M.D. is a wife, mother to two incredible young women (ages 15 and 20), scientist, researcher, speaker, connector, scholar, seeker, and Harvard-educated MD with 25+ years of experience, board-certified gynecologist, and author of three¬†New York Times¬†bestselling books,¬†The Hormone Cure,¬†The Hormone Reset Diet,¬†and¬†Younger.¬†Her latest book is¬†Brain Body Diet. ¬† In this podcast, we cover: Why people are immunocompromised¬† How stress is damaging us¬† Why

Solutions for the Anxious Menopausal Brain – With Dr. Carrie Jones and Dr. Mindy Pelz

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  Welcome to The Resetter Podcast, where Dr. Mindy interviews experts on everything to do with a fasting lifestyle and beyond! Dr. Carrie Jones is a Naturopathic Physician with a Master's in Public Health and the Medical Director for Precision Analytical; creators of the DUTCH Test- the most cutting edge hormone test on the market. She helps hormonally challenged people feel less crazy.In this podcast we cover: Why we get anxiety. Cortisol, adrenaline, glutamate, and GABA. How to stress less. Menopause, perimenopause, and lifestyle changes to manage symptoms. Get a DUTCH test reading from Dr. Mindy here: 


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