Good Fat versus Bad Fat

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Let’s talk about “good” fats versus “bad” fats for a moment. Generally, on a ketogenic diet, 60-70% of your food should be coming from fat. But not just any fat. Good fats. Yes, this means not all fats are created equal! There are several types of “bad” fats that you should definitely steer clear of.  Most people starting the ketogenic diet initially fail to differentiate between good fats and bad fats. This is commonly referred to as “dirty keto”, which allows bad fats like processed and fast foods. A dirty keto diet not only lacks essential nutrients but can actually do more harm than good because of the inflammatory effects of eating bad fats. Watch this to find out

Can You Eat Too Much Good Fat?

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This is the most common question I get when I put a patient on a keto-style food plan. Today I want to put all your fears to rest and hopefully give you a paradigm shift in how you look at cholesterol. Ready? Hang on to your hats… Cholesterol is an issue of too much sugar and processed bad oils, not an issue of too much good fat (even saturated fats like coconut oil). My experience has shown that about 80-90% of people see a significant reduction in their total cholesterol and LDL and an increase in triglycerides and HDL when they follow a low carb, moderate protein, high good fat diet. This usually surprises their MD when their blood work […]

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