Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2021


1. Bearaby Weighted Cotton Napper  This buttery soft and breathable 100% organic cotton weighted blanket is the perfect sleep and calming aid. Weighted blankets have been medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles. The weight on your body stimulates the production of serotonin (the happy hormone), reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), and increases melatonin, which helps you fall (and stay) asleep. This cotton napper will help you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling rested and revitalized! 2. Ketomanna Chocolate Fudge  Perfectly optimized nutrition. Delicious enough to be dessert. Loaded with brain-boosting MCT’s, KetoManna is a quick and seriously delicious way to keep your body and brain running optimally (burning fats, of course). With 12g of highly-ketogenic MCT's