Pure Digest Roll On

This is a Roll-On version of our Pure Digest Blend. It comes pre-diluted and ready for use. Simply apply to the area of concern without the need of any additional carrier oil. Pure Digest Roll-On was formulated to help support a sluggish digestive system. Pure Digest Roll-On can assist in those times of minor indigestion and abdominal discomfort in association with eating. It is called the Soothe It & Move It Blend as the oils in it are supportive of calming digestive upset and may aid peristaltic movement.

More Details

Key Benefits:

•  Support proper digestion, minimize feelings of nausea, aid minor indigestion, enhance gut motility, may help relieve a stagnant feeling digestive system.

Common Uses:

•  Adults and teens apply to the abdomen in a clockwise direction to aid a sluggish digestive system.

•  Adults and teens apply Pure Digest Roll-On to the lower abdomen to encourage bowel movement.

•  Adults and teens apply to the shoulders, just behind the ears and/or to the abdomen to help alleviate feelings of nausea.


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