Keto Cups

In 2012, Rick and I created ‘Evolved Chocolate’ while living in New York City. We were following a paleo lifestyle, which we continue to do today, however we struggled to find paleo-friendly chocolates and desserts. So at that moment we decided, lets make our own!

What started in a New York City apartment is now a full chocolate-manufacturing facility on Long Island, where Rick and I grew up and met. And what started with date-based chocolate truffles is now an expansive line of over 30 products that are both paleo and vegan friendly, including an entire keto-friendly collection.


A majority of the items in my store are affiliate links, and the majority of them have a discount code for you to use. If you purchase any of our items, know that you are supporting my team and we are forever grateful! You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.


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