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Dr. Mindy’s Favorites

I often get asked questions about my favorite products, favorite health brands, favorite places to shop, and how can you find the products I mention in my blog posts. This page is a collection of all of my favorites, including some of my staff’s favorites as well! Please note that if you do click on any of the links below and make a purchase, that I do receive some compensation. You can read more about my affiliate disclosure here.

If you guys have favorites or good finds, let me know so I can check it out!

In the Kitchen

Calling all Coffee Lovers

I don’t know about you, but one of the greatest gifts on this planet is coffee. I’m very picky about my coffee as it has to be Organic AND Mold-Free. I have two favorites that meet that criteria; one is locally made here in Santa Clara, and the other is from Seattle.

Cosmic Coffee

Camano Island Coffee

Calling all Wine Lovers

One of my favorite companies out there is Dry Farm Wines! You can get on their auto-shipment here. Watch my interview with them below!


One of my most popular questions, “what pans do I use?” I have two suggestions; Cast Iron, or Ceramic Cookware. Muchof the cookware people use today leaches unwanted chemicals and toxins into your food and environment. Xtreme Ceramic has great options for a good price .

Grassfed Meats

One of the first things I make sure my patients do is switch all their meats to grass-fed! If you don’t have access to a local, organic butcher, you can try Butcherbox. We’ve used it before during those months where it just seems impossible to make it to the grocery store or Costco. If you click on the link, you’ll receive $10 on your first order and FREE BACON!

Beauty Done Naturally

Skin Care

Did you know that your skin has a microbiome too? And that what we put on our skin can directly impact what is going on in our gut. If you haven’t scanned your beauty products, I urge you do to so right away. If you’re looking for a good skin care line, Ilike is Jessica’s favorite. You can view their products here. 


Everyone in my office uses Osmosis and WE LOVE IT! Their Mascara is my absolute favorite! You can only order by using a provider number, so use the code 5241232 to allow your purchase to go through!

Dental Hygiene

Most toothpaste on the market is EXTREMELY toxic and destroys the microbiome of your mouth. In my family, we use Revitin! It’s a prebiotic toothpaste and my family loves it! We sell it in our office, but you can also sign up for a monthly auto ship from them here.

Skin Collonizer

Speaking of the microbiome of the skin– Skin Collonizer is one of my favorite products from systemic formulas. It’s one of the only PROVEN products to have active probiotics needed for the skin. Many of the ones on the market today have been tested and unfortunately have no active probiotics once it reaches the consumers hands. This product is great and can be used on anyone (including my dogs!).



This is one of the greatest health tools you could possibly own! I make sure that all my elite clients have one before I start coaching them so that we can accurately track how your body is responding to the work we are doing.


EMF’s are one of the top things being researched and discussed in the health world. While I know I couldn’t live without my phone, laptop, and wifi; my family does do many things to try to prevent what we can against EMF’s. If you’ve seen my phone in the office, I have a special case that defends EMF’s– DefenderShield Case. Also, make sure to put your phone in airplane mode when you go to sleep at night.

Additional Random Loves!

CBD Oil for anxiety


Charlotte’s Web is my favorite source for CBD because I know it’s pure. Hemp & Marijuana can pull heavy metals from the soil quiet easily, but Charlotte’s web is not only organic, but also tests for heavy metals.

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