When your energy is great everything in your life feels better, doesn’t it?

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Of all the symptoms that I help people with, energy is the most life changing. This is why I have dedicated this week to teaching you the tricks I use to help people regain their energy.

Below is what I call my LIMITLESS ENERGY formula.

It’s a proven set of strategies that I have used on patients for years to help them live a life with ridiculous amounts of energy. Use this formula as a checklist. Start with number one and see if your energy improves. If it’s still not as high as you want, apply the second strategy.

Continue down each strategy until you feel like your days are filled with the energy you want.

I am teaching my energy formula in detail in my Resetter group on Facebook. If you want to learn more, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will add you to the group.

Hope this helps! Find me on FB and learn more. Reach out if you have any questions. I am here to help.

Have an awesome day!

Dr. M


1.Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

  • Avoid grains, sugar, alcohol & tropical fruits.
  • Keep carbohydrates under 50 grams per day.
  • 50% of daily diet should come from good fat.

KEY NUTRIENTS: Chromium, L-Carnitine

Products I use: Synulin, Metaboshake by Systemic Formulas

KEY TREATMENTS: The Reset Factor’s 15-Day Detox

2.Power Up Your Adrenals

  • Take a high quality adrenal support.
  • Limit caffeine intake (1cup/day).
  • Sleep 7-9 hours per night.
  • Limit screen time prior to sleeping.
  • Address any spinal damage (especially at T9).

KEY NUTRIENTS: B vitamins, Adaptogenic herbs, Adrenal Glandular

Products I use: Ga by Systemic Formulas

KEY TREATMENTS: Chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy to adrenals

3.Energize Your Mitochondria

  • Learn how to get your body into ketosis
  • Practice intermittent fasting daily and 24 hour fasting one time a week.
  • Raw veggies (9cups/day).
  • At least 50% of your diet from good fat.
  • Don’t eat fake high processed foods or bad oils.
  • Check toxic load especially heavy metals.
  • High intensity interval training.

KEY NUTRIENTS: CoQ10, PQQ, B vitamins, Magnesium, Essential Amino Acids

Products I use: eNRG, MORS by Systemic Formulas

KEY TREATMENTS: Ketogenic diet, HIIT training, Heavy Metal Detox

4.Balance Your Nervous System

  • Know your spinal curves.
  • Know the alignment of your upper cervical area (occiput, atlas).
  • Schedule downtime.


Build up parasympathic nervous system-B12, Adaptogens
Relax sympathetic nervous system-Magnesium, Melatonin, L-Tyrosine

Products I use: DREM, Neurosyn, Nnerve by Systemic Formulas

KEY TREATMENTS: Corrective chiropractic care

5.Lower Your Cortisol Level

  • Get a chiropractic adjustment.
  • Daily meditation.
  • 4-7-8 breathing.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Yoga
  • Spend time in nature.

KEY NUTRIENTS: Adaptogens, Lavender & Bergamot Essential Oils

Products I use: Ga by Systemic Formulas, DoTerra oils

KEY TREATMENTS: Regular chiropractic adjustments, yoga, meditation practice.

Click here to download THE LIMITLESS ENERGY FORMULA pdf