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We are so happy that you are here!

My mission is to change the future of health for the generations to come.  My team and I currently serve many families around the world, and we would love to know how best we can help you!

Our programs were developed to educate and give you the tools you need to reset your health for life.  We deal with many clients in a health crisis and our passion is to guide and support you so that you not only can you feel better, but you can accomplish the goals and dreams that drive you.

If you are interested in a new patient appointment and evaluating your health with one of our team members, please fill out the application below.

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If you have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected] — we look forward to hearing from you!



Heavy Metal Detox Program 


Dr. Mindy’s Personal Health Program 


Testimonials 11

Thank you Dr. Mindy for coming to my company to talk about taking our health back into our hands. Because of that fateful day my husband and I lost a combined 27 lbs in a little over 2 months. It has affected us in ways we couldn't imagine.

Sheryl T.

Testimonial 10

I just want to share some good news... I had my thyroid tested Saturday and I am in the normal range! Woot-woot! I quit taking my meds back in December last year and all is well. The 45-Day Reset has helped make this difference. Thanks!!!

Cindy M.

Testimonial 08

Today my energy levels went through the roof! I have lost a total of almost 20lbs. This is more than the goal that I had in mind and I am feeling great. I love my healthy diet, the sugar cravings are gone, I never want to go back to where I was.

Wendy P.

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