I get it. The world is a little crazy right now and the uncertainty of the future can seem scary. While all of that may be true, right now, the thing I want you to think about is what weakens the immune system. Right now, the worst thing you can do is to SIT on the couch all day, watching the NEWS and eating ICE CREAM. All of these things will weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible.

Usually I like to focus on the positives, but it’s worth mentioning what NOT to do while we protect ourselves and others via social distancing.

If you see yourself here, don’t worry! just start taking 1 action a day to address these issues.

All of these are backed by research. Watch my full video on immune health for more information on how all this works.

6 Things that Weaken the Immune System

1. Poor diet – Processed sugar is poison. Avoid the middle of the grocery store where all the fake food is, and instead, shop the perimeter where the fresh food is.

2. Lack of sleep – Autophagy occurs every night with deep sleep among many other important restorative functions). If you’re in lockdown right now, there’s no excuse to not be getting enough sleep!

3. Chronic inflammation – A root of almost all disease. When cells are inflamed your immune system does not work as effectively.

4. Fight or flight brain – Stress weakens your immune system.

5. Lack of movement – Lymph fluid (the “blood” of your immune system) does not have a pump like the heart. Instead, it moves when you move. Specifically when you move your legs.

6. High toxic load – Get sick often? Autoimmune condition? Your toxic load may be so high it’s confusing your immune system.

Working on these 6 things will improve more than just your ability to fight off viral and bacterial infections… it will improve your overall quality of life!

Start with the easiest one, and move on to the more challenging ones as you make these into habits.

Now is such a GOOD opportunity to focus on growing your health!

Don’t let it slip by!

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