What if I want to eat bread?

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If you haven’t noticed, the whole world has gone gluten free. And there is a reason for it.

I’ve noticed that when it comes to the topic of eating bread, people fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Got off bread, never felt better.
  • Eating bread, not feeling great.
  • Eating bread, feel just fine.

If you are in the second group, not feeling your best and still eating bread, I strongly urge you to get completely off bread for two weeks and see how you feel.

Today, however, I want to talk to those of you in the third group.

The bread you are eating is a new hybrid of bread. It has different proteins in it and is incredibly difficult for the gut to breakdown. The wheat in most breads is also sprayed with a chemical called glyphosate. Glyphosate is otherwise known as Roundup. This harmful chemical can cause a leaky gut situation leading to a whole host of health problems.

If you want to eat bread and minimize any future health problems, here are my two top recommendations:

1.Always buy organic

If your bread is organic, it can not be sprayed with glyphosate. This is a really good thing! In my family, my kids eat wheat bread. I make sure that only organic wheat is available to them.

2.Try ancient sprouted grains

This type of bread is not as processed as other breads. Sprouted breads have enzymes in them that will help your body breakdown the bread. Look at sprouted bread like you do raw dairy. It’s more true to it’s original form. Easier to digest.

If you know that your body does better without bread, but LOVE the taste of bread, I have good news for you. We are seeing in my clinic that when people repair their microbiome and do a deep detox they can add bread back in with no problem.

We will be holding our largest detox event ever on January 7th. It’s called THE DETOX CHALLENGE.

At this event, I will show you the RIGHT way to detox your body (yes, there is a wrong way). Not only can you turn your health around fast with a thorough detox, but you can repair your body to the point that you can eat all the foods you love and without any problem.

Call my office more details 408-298-8092.

Hope that helps. Happy organic sprouted grain bread eating!