Top 3 Ways to Boost Vitamin D Levels

Last week I explored the connection between Vitamin D levels and optimal health. What we know now is that when we boost our Vitamin D levels, we boost our immune system which makes it more powerful to fight off viruses, including viruses like Covid-19. However we also know that 50% of the population is vitamin D deficient. Here are the top 3 ways to boost Vitamin D levels:

Boost Vitamin D by absorbing it through your skin:

You can do this two ways, directly from the sun or through red light therapy.

  1. If you’re planning to get vitamin D from the sun, you should spend 10-30 minutes per day, several times a week out in the sun ideally during mid-day and without sunscreen. But, it’s not that easy.
  2. Another way to get vitamin D is with red light therapy, like the JOOVV light, I have one of these in my clinic. Research shows that just 10 minutes of red light therapy can increase both Vitamin D and magnesium deficiency in as little as two weeks.

Boost Vitamin D by putting these foods in your body:

Food and oils are a great way to get Vitamin D into your body. These 5 foods are the highest in Vitamin D: salmon, herring, eggs, wild mushrooms, and cod liver oil. Oils have also proven to be precursors to Vitamin D. Plant oils like pumpkin seed, coriander, black cumin,and flax oil have anti-inflammatory effects and raise Vitamin D levels, and are available through my favorite curator, Andreas Seed Oils. Use code PELZ for 10% off a single bottle.

Boost Vitamin D by taking supplements:

There are 3 little tricks to know about taking supplements to get optimal results:

  1. First, take your vitamins with food.
  2. Second, studies show that if you take your supplements with fat, it will increase absorption into your body.
  3. And lastly, it will be best when it is a high quality supplement. My favorite Vitamin D supplement that I recommend to clients is DV3.

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