The Power of Protein on Longevity – With Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

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“Increase Your Dietary Protein Per Meal" This episode is all about protein and gaining muscle. Dr. Lyon dives into how we can use protein when breaking a fast to get the proper nutrients. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a Washington University fellowship-trained physician in Nutritional Science and  Geriatrics and is board certified in Family Medicine and  Osteopathic Manipulation. She completed her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition, Vitamin, and Mineral Metabolism at the University of Illinois. Dr. Lyon is the founder of the Institute for Muscle Centric-Medicine. She services the leaders, innovators, mavericks, and executives in their prospective field. In addition, Gabrielle works closely with the Special Operations Military and has a private practice that services patients worldwide. In

The surprising thing that happened when I broke my fast with wine


I did something I’ve never done before. I broke my fast with wine. Then I watched the results on the new NutriSense continuous glucose monitor I’ve been wearing. To my surprise, my blood sugar came down after drinking wine! So that got me thinking about how we can fit wine into our fasting lifestyle and ketogenic efforts. Here’s what I came up with: Wine is great, but find other habits that also lower your blood sugar. Blood sugar goes up when you’re stressed or busy. On this particular day my blood sugar was already high to begin with because I had such a busy day at the office. While I do want to lower my stress levels, so I


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