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How Long Should you Fast to Maximize Benefits?

Fasting has played a pivotal role in various cultures and religions. Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus observe fasting.

When you hear the word fasting, what comes to mind?

A lot of these faiths fast because they think a connection exist between the spiritual and physical state.

Over the years, there has been an increase

How to Stop Memory Loss

Your brain LOVES ketones!

I just spent 4 days at a conference listening to our nation’s top doctors in the world of nutrition and detoxing.

One thing became extremely clear to me this weekend…

The ketogenic diet puts the body in a massive healing state.

Thousands of research studies are now proving ketones supercharge

Top 5 Foods that Stimulate Autophagy


Macroautophagy or autophagy is a form of cell detox that keeps your cells rejuvenated and healthy. When your body enters autophagy, the abnormal cells, including cells that aren’t functioning well, get destroyed by the body.

Lots of studies on autophagy have revealed an overwhelming number of

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Which is More Harmful: Fat or Sugar?

I see a lot of confusion around the topic of fat, and it’s easy to see why it can get confusing. Online, you may read that a low-fat food product is more likely to cause heart disease than a whole-fat dairy product, but then your physician tells you fat is

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Metabolic Flexibility: 7 Steps for Faster Metabolism & More Energy

Metabolic flexibility is perfect harmony between burning fat and burning carbs. A metabolically flexible person is someone whose body finds it easy to switch from digesting carbs to digesting fat.

Metabolic flexibility is crucial for healthier cells and high energy levels. Many people aren’t metabolically flexible due to sedentary lifestyle and