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Understanding & Managing Menopause

About this Course 

So much of the menopause roller-coaster ride is a reflection of our lifestyle, but we were never really taught to make this critically important connection, or to fully understand what is happening in our bodies.

At the age of 40, your ovaries start to think about retirement, and over the next 10 to 15 years, they slowly prepare to pass on their job to your adrenals.  In order for this hand-off to be smooth, you need to keep your stress levels in check, reduce your toxic load, and incorporate fasting and diet variation into your lifestyle.

Whether you are peri-menopausal, menopausal, post-menopausal, or surgically-induced menopausal, this course will give you the big picture view of what symptoms come up and how to navigate them smoothly, how to support your adrenals throughout your transition, and how to use lifestyle as your primary tool to manage this stage of your life.


This is one of our foundational courses located in our Reset Academy! Those with a monthly or yearly membership have access to this course!


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