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There is a wide range of quality in the supplement market, and many supplements do not provide the nutrition that the bottle promises. Often people reach for the cheapest supplement option, but the fact is that many of the supplements found at your local drugstore or grocery store are synthetic and can be toxic for your body.

For my patients, I only recommend they consume high-quality food-based supplements that their body can instantly turn into nutrients. The fastest way to get results is to take key nutrients through high-end supplements. I’m always searching for the best, highest quality, fastest acting supplements for my patients. And I searched high and low for a thyroid supplement that I could really get behind and recommend to my patients. But I couldn’t find anything that I believed had all the necessary ingredients to make a lasting change.

So I began researching manufacturers instead to find a company that would be able to produce a high-end thyroid supplement after my own recipe. And this is exactly how I created The Thyroid Reset supplement. Not only does it have many of the key nutrients people need to support the brain, liver, thyroid and adrenals to get them all working properly again – but it really works! I consume it myself and am really impressed with the difference it made in my energy level and overall weight stabilization.

The Thyroid Reset supplement supports your thyroid with iodine and kelp; schisandra, the key ingredient to help you lose and stabilize your weight; ashwagandha, an adaptogen that modulates your response to external stresses such as toxins in the environment and internal stresses such as anxiety and insomnia.

The Thyroid Reset follows my 4-step protocol for resetting your health perfectly, giving the thyroid, adrenals, liver, and brain key nutrients they are missing to function properly.

Key Product Features

  • Nourish your thyroid and help fight toxins: Your thyroid is very susceptible to toxins. If your liver and gut are already handling a large toxic load and can’t keep up with the detoxifying demands, the excess toxins will be sent on to your thyroid.
  • Modulate your body’s response to stress: Ashwagandha is what is called an adaptogens. Adaptogens are key substances that modulate your response to external stresses such as toxins in the environment and internal stresses such as anxiety and insomnia.
  • Help your thyroid better regulate your weight: Once one endocrine organ is malfunctioning it increases the demand on the other endocrine organs. We see this with the thyroid and the adrenals.
  • Get your body working properly again: Supplement your body with the key nutrients it needs to support the brain, liver, thyroid and adrenals.
  • Fight off fatigue naturally: Vitamin B12 is a necessary vitamin to keep your brain and nervous system functioning optimally. L-Tyrosiner is one of the most vital neurotransmitters in your body. It also plays an important role in the production of thyroid hormones. Low thyroid levels are associated with poor memory, fatigue, depression, and decreased libido. Because the thyroid gland combines tyrosine and iodine to make thyroid hormones these two ingredients combined is a really good thing for your thyroid.


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