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The Fasting Circle©

About this Course 

Beyond the basic biology of sex, I’m guess that much like my own experience, you never really got the full scoop on how your hormones work. This Reset is created to fix that!

Sex hormones–estrogen, progesterone and testosterone–play integral roles in almost every function of our lives.

Hormones affect blood sugar, sexual function, reproduction, energy, mood, digestion, stress levels, appetite, metabolism, weight, brain health, organs, sleep and immune function.

…yet so many women struggle to understand what happens to their hormones during menstruation, puberty, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause.

So, how do hormones relate to fasting? Well, unlike men who only have a 24 hour circadian rhythm, women have an additional 28-32 day monthly hormonal cycle that must be taken into consideration when fasting.

Fasting during the wrong parts of a women’s cycle can tank hormones, causing unpleasant symptoms like headaches, poor energy, irregular cycles, as well as insulin and weight loss resistance.

In this unique course, Dr. Mindy will be sharing what she has created as The Fasting Circle for Women, the first ever method for women to synchronize their season in life and cycle to an ideal fasting and eating style.


This is one of our foundational courses located in our Reset Academy! Those with a monthly or yearly membership have access to this course!


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