The Empowered Trio

The Empowered Trio is a collection of proprietary essential oil roll on blends that we developed in collaboration with Dr. Mindy Pelz as a “Fast Like A Girl” (FLAG) APPROVED product. Each of the oils in this kit are associated with phases mentioned by Dr. Mindy in her book. Each of these essential oils do not need to be used at the same time, but rather can be helpful for different situations.


The Empowered Trio contains the following essential oil blends:


I AM STRONG – Possible days of the female cycle for possible use: 1 – 10, 16 – 19

I Am Strong is an energizing antioxidant blend that helps to support the state of momentum both physically and emotionally. This was created to be supportive during the power phase of “Fast Like A Girl“. It has an aroma that engenders confidence to move forward. It prepares us for action. This blend can be helpful for decreasing feelings of hunger during a fast due to the aroma.


I AM RESTORED – Possible days of the female cycle for possible use: 11-15

This blend was formulated to promote mental creativity, proper digestion and normal detoxification of the liver during the Manifestation Period associated with “Fast Like A Girl“. It contains essential oils that have been shown to aid feelings of mental and digestive stress. The aroma initiates a cleansing effect on the emotions with a subtle energizing effect.


I AM STILL – Possible days of the female cycle for possible use: 20 – Cycle Start

The I Am Still blend was created to help promote a feeling of safety and peace in relation to the Nurture Period associated with “Fast Like A Girl“. This oil blend can be helpful at calming stressful feelings that come with physical and emotional stress as well as possible adrenal fatigue associated with stress over a long period of time. Blended to also support a more restful sleep this oil can help calm the mind and the heart to allow for emotional healing.

Currently to provide the best results for the FLAG Approved System these essential oil blends can only be purchased as a set.

We have listed more details of all essential oil blends included in this trio so you can get an idea of how they may assist you individually or collectively.


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