Testing Consultation: Heavy Metal


Order Confirmation 

After purchase of the consultation, someone from our team will reach out 5-7 business days after purchase via email ([email protected]) to advise you to schedule your appointment with our team to review your Heavy Metal Test. Upon booking, you will also need to reply to that email with your test results attached so that our team can properly prepare for your appointment.


Note, that purchasing a consultation does not make you an active client as we do not know your complete health history/ current supplements and medications/ or pre-existing conditions. All recommendations made are based solely on what we see from the results.

Consultation Consent

  • Consultation Consent

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The Appointment Includes: 

  • 30-Minute consultation to review a previously ordered Heavy Metal test through drmindypelz.com

Please note that you are purchasing this consultation voluntarily and when you purchase anything from us, you are accepting our medical disclaimer and our terms of use. Our consultations are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure, they are simply for education purposes only.

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