Sunrise Flour Mill

Sunrise Flour’s Heritage Whole Wheat Flour is milled from organic heritage Turkey Red wheat. It is milled in a proprietary Unifine high-velocity impact milling system, rather than a stone mill. This produces a super-fine, highly nutritious, 100% whole grain flour. Our Unifine mill produces the finest whole wheat flour on the market. The bran pieces are smaller than those in conventional whole wheat flour.

This super-fine grind creates loftier baked goods with greater volume than would be expected from a traditional whole wheat flour. Adding some organic whole wheat flour to bread and other baked goods will have people wondering why they have so much flavor.

Use our Organic Whole Wheat Flour for: bread, rolls, pancakes, muffins, and cookies; and in any recipe calling for whole wheat flour.

Many people with gluten intolerance find our heritage organic Whole Wheat Flour more digestible than flour made with modern hybridized wheat. We like to say “It’s not just the grain, it’s the grind.”


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