Qi Shield™ EMF Protection

The Qi Me™ protects against the negative effects of EMFs. This device has been shown to reduce radiation from 3G and 4G by 100% and 5G by 75%.The Qi Me™ is designed to protect 1 person … you.  It is easy to carry with you wherever you go. You can have peace of mind knowing you are being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while on the go! The Qi Me™ has an effective field size of 3 to 5 feet. The Qi Me™ comes in different wood types, allowing you to have the look that fits your taste and matches your personality. There is no difference in protection from the different wood types.

Many people are affected by EMFs but do not know that this is the cause of their headaches or discomfort. As new studies come out and people become aware, more and more individuals will understand that radiation from EMFs is the cause of their issues.

The Qi Me™ is safe for everyone, including babies, children, and pets. Also, your cellphone signal and other wireless signals will be unaffected by the Qi Me™. The device only targets the radiation from those devices.


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