Deep Dive with Dr. Mindy


NOTE: Deep Dives are booked at LEAST 2 months out at a time. Prior to purchasing, please read through the requirements for this appointment, as well as the FAQ section.

A Deep Dive with Dr. Mindy (45 minutes) is for new clients only. If you are ready to have your health history analyzed and be given some clear steps and advice on what is next in your health journey then this appointment is for you.


  • Gut Zoomer Test (within the last 9 months)
  • Heavy Metal Test (within the last 9 months)

Complete a 45 minute health consultation with Dr. Mindy via Zoom Video Conferencing. This appointment is for those that are having a health crisis and would like a plan to get your health back on course. During the 45 minutes, we will discuss your health history, address health challenges, and set a plan of action for you moving forward.

*Please note that the Deep Dive is not intended to treat or cure or prevent any disease and/or health condition. We cannot give advice on medications, and we always advise that you check with your primary care physician. Please see our Medical Terms and Conditions for more information.

Deep Dive Consent Form

  • Deep Dive Consent Form



Q: After this Deep Dive, am I a client of Dr. Mindy?

A: No, unfortunately we cannot give specific, on-going advice, unless you are a member of her Platinum/Advanced Program.

Q: Why are tests required for the Deep Dive?

We believe that there are root causes to most health challenges. Two of the most common root causes we see is heavy metal toxicity and gut pathogens and imbalances in the gut bacteria. We don’t want to guess with your health; therefore, we require that the Heavy Metal & Gut Zoomer test are completed.

Q: How will my appointment get scheduled?

A: Upon purchase, someone from my team will reach out and double check on the requirements. If you have the requirements needed, we will send you over a few proposed time and dates.

Q: Why don’t we accept insurance?

A: Unfortunately, much of what we do is not covered by insurance, as much of what we teach and educate on does not fall within the lines of the standard medical model, which is why you are probably here! Thank you for understanding and valuing the work that we do.

Q: How do I get the paperwork?

A: The paperwork required (Which is 41 pages) is sent to you once a date is set.

Q: What if I’ve had a deep dive before?

A: Dr. Mindy has limited availability, and therefore does not do one-off consultations. We have our Reset Academy, which has a wonderful community and a team of people there to help you with general concepts regarding fasting & diet variation. If you are wanting to address your heavy metal load, please join our Toxin Reset Program. If you’ve had a deep dive before, and have qualified for one of her platinum/advanced programs, please reach out and we can let you know if we have an opening.


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