Curve Reset

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The Lumbar & Cervical Denneroll was designed to help improve the natural curves of your spine. With the number of hours that most people are sitting at computers or hunched over on their smartphones, spinal curves are being re-molded into unhealthy positions.

The Denneroll was designed to help remold your spinal curves back into their normal, healthy structure. Inside each box is a protocol showing you how to properly build up your usage of the roll over time. For best results, follow the protocol in the box.

Upon checkout, please leave a comment on whether or not you are seeking a lumbar (lower back) or cervical (neck) Denneroll and what size you are seeking (small-most children, medium-average adult, or large)

Please note that the denneroll should be used under supervision of your health care professional or spinal health professional


9 reviews for Curve Reset

  1. Kim noble

    Would like to purchase cervical denniroll. Adult.

  2. Chana Maleta

    Im interested in the neck dennroll. Please lmk the cost of a Large its fir my husband who experiences alit of neck pain at the end of his day working. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Lisa Boudreaux

    I want to purchase a couple of these denerolls for different size people and genders.

  4. Al

    Pictures of the product and explanations would have provided me with at least basic knowledge of this product that I wanted to purchase ):


  5. Gina D’Eramo

    How much is the roll?

  6. Jillian Calore

    Looking for cost information on the cervical roll, lots of stiffness and tension and tension headaches that nothing seems to help.

  7. Kelsey Lee

    How do I purchase one in an adult size, please?

    • eliza

      Hi Kelsey, kindly call our office at 408-298-8092 or email [email protected] for more info.

  8. Yanci Keith

    I am interested in buying one of these. I have had to many head, neck and spinal injuries. And I’m on meds to head the nerves but sometimes it don’t help.

    • eliza

      Hi Yanci, kindly call our office 408-298-8092 or email [email protected] to order the Denneroll.

  9. Sherrie

    I’d love more information on the Denneroll, but Yahoo says [email protected] is invalid. Please help.

    • eliza

      Hi Sherrie, can you try this email? [email protected] or you can call our office 408-298-8092.

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