I Am Enough

Helpful for those times when one may feel overwhelmed, underappreciated and/or burnt out. I Am Enough provides uplifting and relaxing support to the mind and nerves of the body. It can help calm the central nervous system and allow for greater clarity, hormone support, and emotional balance.

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Key Benefits:

•  Sedative like properties, possible sleep aid, hormone support, menopausal symptom support, nervine, antispasmodic, stress relief, calming for CNS, adrenal support, emotionally grounding, hepatoprotective, hypotensive, tonic.

Common Uses:

  • Apply to bottom of feet before bed for a more relaxing and restorative sleep.
  • In moments of stress apply to the lower abdomen, bottom of wrists, and/or neck/shoulder area.
  • For adrenal support apply over the kidney area and lower spine. Gently massage in a downward motion towards the sacrum.
  • Apply to the spine for general emotional and central nervous system support.


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