DIME WATER – DRO-1-NV 4 RO Water Saver


1 Pre-filter + 1 post filter

36 GPD product at 20% recovery (1-gallon product versus 4 gallons waste)

Make buying bottled water a thing of the past with one of our under the sink Reverse Osmosis systems. Rids municipal water of 99% of fluoride and pharmaceuticals.

Easy installation.

These reverse osmosis units are top of the line quality products that last an average of 20 years with the correct care and maintenance.

Product Includes: 3.2 gallon storage tank, long reach chrome faucet, EZ adaptor, 1/4 inch tubing, plastic drain clamp, 36 gallons per day production membrane. System has 20% recovery 1 pre-filter + 1 post filter

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