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Detox Duo Roll-On

The Detox Duo Roll-On includes a simpler and easier application for Liv-Better and Pure Regen. These essential oil blends were designed to assist in supporting normal liver function and biliary tree function. Both oils do not need to be used at the same time, but rather can be helpful for different situations.

The Detox Duo Roll-On contains the following:

Liv-Better was designed to help support normal liver function and biliary tree function. The liver continues to be introduced to more toxins and stress because the general population is eating more processed foods and living more stressful lives. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease continues to rise throughout the world. Liv-Better was created to support normal detoxification methods already performed by the liver.

Pure Regen was formulated to support proper detoxification of the liver and lymphatic systems for daily life. Pure Regen can be especially helpful when applied in the morning. Pure Regen may aid those who engage in intermittent fasting. Applying Pure Regen during intermittent fasting can also be a proactive approach to helping the liver and lymph systems function at their best.


More Details

Key Benefits:


• Gentle detoxification, liver health, gallbladder, and bile duct support.

Pure Regen

• Support proper liver and spleen function, stimulate detoxification, and lymphatic flow.


Common Uses:

• Apply Liv-Better roll on over the liver and gallbladder areas in the PM to support any repair that may happen during sleep.

• Apply Liv-Better to the bottom of feet before bed to aid as a gentle liver decongestant while you sleep.

• Apply Liv-Better directly over the liver area for daily liver support.

• Apply Pure Regen roll on over the liver and digestive areas of the body as a proactive approach to better health.

• Apply Pure Regen roll on over the liver area when suspecting possible congestion.

• Apply Pure Regen roll on over the spleen and liver areas in the AM to protect and cleanse these areas of the body.


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