Alleviate Duo

We created Alleviate Duo for anyone who desires a more natural approach to managing discomfort and possible inflammation. For a more pronounced relief you get two of our best-selling blends together in a duo. Both oils do not need to be used at the same time, but rather can be helpful for different situations. 

The Alleviate Duo contains the following:

Pure Mobility Roll-On (Muscle and Joint Soreness Blend)

A warming blend of oils to help relax the mind and aid stiff muscles and joints. This blend contains no oils with a high amount of menthol. This blend may be better for nursing mothers, those who may be taking blood thinners, or for those who do not enjoy a cooling effect.


Pure Relief Roll-On (Tension Ease Blend)

A powerful blend of oils that help relieve muscle tension and stress in the neck and shoulder areas with both a warming and cooling effect. This blend contains oils with menthol for both a cooling and warming effect.


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