How to Make December the Healthiest Month of the Year

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret that has helped me become healthier at 48-years-old than I was at 28-years old.

I look at what everyone around me is doing … and then I do the exact opposite.

Take a look at the people around you. Do they have extraordinary health? If the answer is no, then why are you taking advice from them? Why are you living the same lifestyle as they are?

For example, most people think that December is the worst month to work on your health. But I think it’s the BEST month!

Here’s why…

The mindset most people fall into in December goes something like this: “It’s the holidays, I’ll just eat whatever I want and start a new health plan in January!”

Just watch how many times the little voice in your head tells you that this month.

Another thing you might hear that voice say? “You should eat that See’s candy in the break room at the office. It’s your favorite!”

When the stress of the holidays hits its peak, the little voice might say, “You need that extra glass of wine tonight.”

When your packed holiday schedule goes sideways and you don’t know which end is up, your little voice might try to tell you, “Don’t worry. You’ll get back on track in January.”

Then January rolls around.

And an all too familiar pattern begins. You’re motivated the first few weeks of the new year, but by the third week of January, you’ve lost your stride. You get frustrated. The negative self-talk starts. You feel hopeless.

This pattern is so pervasive, many people I know don’t even bother setting New Year’s Resolutions.

And that’s why I start my New Year’s goals in December. It’s a phenomenal way to break the post-holiday pattern of failure.

Here’s what I do in December to make it my healthiest and best month of the year.

  1. Pick my word for the new year

Every year I pick a word that symbolizes the intention I have for that year and what I want to bring into my life.

In 2017, my word was CONNECTION. I wanted to connect with people who could help me take my relationships, knowledge, career and life to a new level. I also wanted to deepen my connections with the people who are important to me.

And, boy, did this year create some amazing connections for me!

For 2018, my word is FLOW. This coming year, I want to learn how to flow with life better. I want to do life with more ease. I want to flow with the ups and downs rather than letting them throw me off track.

And instead of waiting for 2018 to focus on flow, I’m doing it now. I am listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading books, and surrounding myself with information that will help me discover new ways to flow with life.

  1. What’s my one thing?

Pick one aspect of your health that you want to change this month. Just one. And put all your energy and focus on that.

Maybe you want your brain to be sharper.

Perhaps you want to sleep better.

Does your immune system need strengthening?

Or maybe you need some strategies to amp up your energy.

This month, I’m really working on my joint health. I’ve had some knee and ankle issues that have been holding me back from running, an activity I love. So this is the month I’m tackling that. I have supplements I’m taking to rebuild ligaments, muscles, and cartilage. I am going to yoga three times a week. I have two massages already booked for December. And I am getting my hips, knees, and ankles adjusted regularly. That’s my focus…reset my ankle and knee joints.

If you are struggling to figure out your one thing, email me at [email protected] and I’ll give you some ideas. I love hearing from you!

  1. Who do I want to be on January 1st?

I find that one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their health is they forget to think about their future self. They only think about the immediate desires of the person they are today.

I think about my future self a lot (sometimes a little too much!) and I am very clear that on January 1st, I want to feel vibrant, youthful and ready for all the great experiences that are in store for me in 2018. I don’t want to be sick, burnt out and depleted. So everything I do this month will be measured against how I want to feel on January 1st.

When my favorite See’s candy gets placed in front me, I ask myself, “What would the January 1st version of me want me to do right now?” Or I’ll think, “If I eat this, will it derail me from being who I want to be on January 1st?”

Always try to remember that the thirty seconds of joy you get from eating something tasty can lead to days of feeling bad which, let’s face it, is not a good deal at all.

As we move into December, use these three techniques. Let me know how they work.

I love being on this journey with you all. As always, reach out if you need help.

Cheers to your best December yet!

Dr. Mindy