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Free Educational Platforms

Resetter Podcast

Listen to Dr. Mindy interview experts on health & wellness

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You will find thorough education and science behind top health concepts such as diet variation, fasting, detox, keto, hormones, and more! This is truly a learning platform where you can educate yourself for free!

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Home of Fast Training Week

Welcome to our monthly fasting community! One week, each month, Dr. Mindy and our team leads you through a variation of fasting!

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You can find all of Dr. Mindy’s daily life habits on instagram! Posts about daily motivation, favorite recipes, great health tips, and more can be seen on instagram!

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Fasting, & Diet Variation Coaching

Reset Academy

Dr. Mindy’s Online Academy

If you are looking for group health coaching, cutting edge nutrition information and a positive, supportive community then this academy is for you.

The Reset Academy has many unique tools available only to our members. Not only will you have access to the ever-expanding Reset Master Class library, but you will get to learn directly from Dr. Mindy.

This Academy is designed to empower you by taking your learning to a deeper level and giving you proven ways to reset your health.



Toxin Reset Program

If you are looking to detox heavy metals and environmental toxins in a positive, supportive community then this course is for you.

During this six-month course, we will teach you the strategies to detoxing your body so that you have the tools needed to detox for life. We truly believe that heavy metals and other toxins are at the ROOT CAUSE of many health conditions/challenges today.


Speed up Healing & Maximizing Performance

Dr. Mindy’s Local Clinic

If you live in the bay area and are looking for additional tools to speed up healing and maximize performance, then Dr. Mindy’s local clinic, Family Life Wellness, is a great place to do that! Her team is there to guide you through a process of discovering what tools can best help you get the results that can enhance your body’s ability to heal.

Her team offers the following therapies:

  • Chiropractic
  • PEMF
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Brain Tapping
  • Joovv Red Light Therapy
  • Cold  Laser Therapy