It seems like everyone has a digestive issue these days.

And a bloated belly is no doubt one of the more common conditions people are experiencing.

But what is a bloated belly a sign of? How does it happen? And more importantly, how do you cure it?

These are questions I hope to simply solve for you today.

The first thing to know is usually a bloated belly is a sign of something called SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

Your gut should have more good bacteria than bad. And for many of you that are reversed, you have more bad than good. The main reason this happens is you have been exposed to multiple rounds of antibiotics, eaten non-organic meat or dairy with antibiotics on a regular basis, or have gone through periods of extreme chronic stress.

There are tests you can run to confirm or rule out SIBO. We run a urine test in my office on our more serious patients. But a classic sign you have SIBO is if you get bloated after raw veggies or a meal packed with garlic &/or onions.

The symptoms of SIBO tell you a lot as well. The classic signs of SIBO or anxiety, trouble losing weight, diarrhea and/or constipation, skin problems, and difficulty sleeping.

If this is you, what do you do?

Well this is where it gets tricky. Fighting SIBO can be a difficult process. So if you think you have SIBO reach out. You may need to be coached through the process.

But here is my basic SIBO protocol.

DIET: Start by taking all veggies and fruit out of your diet especially garlic and onions for 30 days. I know this can be tough. But fiber will feed the bad bacteria. After 30 days reintroduce vegetables and see if the bloating reaction is gone. Fasting is also a fantastic way to kill these bad critters. Practice intermittent fasting and 24-hour dinner to dinner fasts on a regular basis.

SUPPLEMENTS: You can’t cure SIBO with diet alone. There are several supplements I recommend. And as with all my protocols, I highly recommend cycling them. Doing one protocol for one month then follow with the second protocol for the next month. Cycle back and forth between these two protocols until you feel the symptoms are gone.

SIBO protocol #1- Restore and Antrantril

Both these supplements you can find on Amazon. See links below. Antrantril was developed by a gastroenterologist who was struggling to find a solution for his more difficult SIBO patients. I have an included a link to an interview with him explaining the product and how to take it.

Restore is my recommended product for a leaky gut. If you have the presence of too many bad bacteria in your gut, you most likely have a leaky gut as well.




SIBO Protocol #2: Tai Ra Chi, LGUT, and #3 Bactrex by Systemic FormulasThis is the second SIBO protocol I recommend to patients. I get the best results with Systemic Formulas products. Because their products are herbalomics. They have mixed herbs with all their vitamins. The added herbs help your cells take in the nutrients better and will create change in your body at a deep cellular level.

Reach out to Jessica at my office and she will send these products to you. Her email is [email protected]

In summary, if you have a chronic bloated belly I highly recommend you:

  • eat more meat and fat
  • eat less raw veggies
  • avoid all garlic & onions
  • intermittent fast daily
  • one time a week do a dinner to dinner fast
  • Do SIBO protocol #1 for one month
  • Follow with SIBO protocol #2 for the second month

If your SIBO is simple, the above protocol will do the trick. If you have a more complex case of SIBO reach out, the above protocol may not kill it completely.

Hope that helps! Reach out if you need anything.

Have an awesome day!