Does it seem like everyone around you is getting sick? Do you cringe when you hear people coughing and hacking and blowing their nose? What can you do to protect yourself from falling prey to the flu when people around you are sick? Is it even possible?

First, you have more control over your immune system than you think. There are two things that must happen simultaneously for you to get the flu:

  1. You are exposed to a flu virus or bacteria
  2. You have a weakened immune system that struggles to fight off that virus/bacteria

You’ve likely been told to put all your efforts into avoiding the exposure. But I’m here to tell you that avoiding exposure is nearly impossible. Sorry, but the germ world is way more pervasive and persistent than we’ve been taught. Avoiding exposure is an unreasonable expectation.

Yes, there are some smart steps you can take to minimize exposure like washing your hands regularly and not hanging out with people who have the flu. But honestly, for many of you, that won’t be enough.

This is why, when people get sick around me, I put ALL my effort into strengthening my immune system. I want to make sure I’m not a good host to any germs I come into contact with.

Here’s what I do to keep my immunity at its best:

  1. Cut out sugar, wheat, and dairy
  2. Go to bed before 10pm and get at least seven hours of good sleep
  3. Increase Vitamin D and Vitamin A …. a lot! (10,000 IUs of Vit D and 20,000 of Vit A)
  4. Take three scoops of Lauricidin per day
  5. Take a probiotic with 50 billion CFUs (MBC by SF is my favorite)
  6. Get a chiropractic adjustment (boosts your WBCs & T-helper cells)
  7. Hydrate like crazy! (drink a minimum of eight glasses of water per day)
  8. Rub essential oils on your feet and chest (On Guard is my favorite)
  9. Use Restore nasal spray (two sprays in each nostril twice a day)

The other thing to remember is that even with a strong healthy immune system, you can often feel like you’re just about to get the flu or you get flu symptoms that come and go very quickly. One trick I use is to avoid medicating every symptom that appears.

That runny nose and cough you have?

That’s your body creating mucous to attach to the bacteria to get it out of you. Don’t kill that immune response with antihistamines and sugary cough syrups.

That fever you have?

Your body is smart. It wants to raise your temperature so it can kill the flu virus. Don’t take Tylenol to lower your fever or you’ll take away one of your body’s greatest immune responses.

That fatigue you have?

Your body is using all its energy to kill this flu. Don’t “push through” it. Rest. Sleep as much as you can.

Don’t ever lose sight of how much control you have over preventing the flu. Stop blaming those around you who are sick. No one can “get you sick.” You have more power than that!

I hope this helps. I have also included a video I did on the flu shot and natural strategies for not getting the flu.

Cheers to immune boosting! Have a joyful, flu-free day!