Twenty-one years ago when I first started my practice, treating people naturally was simple.

If a patient had a hurt low back we would adjust them, give them some home exercises, tell them to ice and they would improve. And quickly.

Insomnia, adrenal fatigue, and depression? All easy fixes with a few natural treatments.

But then ten years into my practice, something changed.

Some patients stop responding as well to the work we were doing. It baffled me. For ten years everyone got well, why would some people not respond?

Around that time books like Wheat Belly, Grain Brain, and Blood Sugar Solution were starting to emerge. We were learning that our food was being genetically altered. That sugar was causing chronic inflammation in the human body.

So I had my more difficult cases start pulling wheat and sugar out of their diet for a few weeks to see what would happen.

Sure enough these food changes were like miracle cures. Chronic knee pain, unexplained weight gain, and brain fog all “miraculously” started to clear up.

Quickly I adapted and began coaching patients on what foods they should be avoiding to improve their conditions. For about 5 years this worked really well. We were back having a 100% success rate with our patients.

Then something shifted again.

The number of people who came to me with anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, weight loss resistance, thyroid problems, hormone imbalances grew. Diet changes were not the answer anymore. In fact, many of these people had already tried that.

I kept asking myself…

Why are people suffering so much? Why are so many people having the same health problems? Why is diet changes not the only answer?

That’s when I started diving into understanding the toxic world we are living in.

It became really clear that we were living in the most toxic time in human history. So I started adding into all of our treatment protocols detoxing. And that’s when the most difficult cases I had seen in twenty years began to heal. When I put someone on the appropriate detox for them they would get off their thyroid medication, lose weight for the first time, sleep through the night after decades of insomnia, and feel a lot less anxious.

So how do you know if you need to detox?

There are two reasons you should think about detoxing:

1.To prevent a health crisis or scary diagnosis
2.When your symptoms are NOT going away

This week, all my newsletters will be on the different phases of detoxing that I take my patients through. I will give you the protocols that I am using and how you can best apply them.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms it is time to detox:

Anxiety, depression, brain fog, memory loss, unexplained mood swings
Pain that won’t go away no matter what you do
Inability to lose weight
Thyroid problems
Hormonal swings
Chronic Fatigue

Stay tuned. Watch out for my emails this week.

Your body is a miracle. You can heal. You just need a plan.

This week I will give you that plan.